90-seat Elysian airliner: 800-1,000-km range on batteries alone (Loz Blain, January 11, 2024, New Atlas)

A Dutch startup says everyone’s hugely underestimating the potential of battery-electric aircraft – that it’s possible to build large battery-electric airliners covering distances most assume we’ll need hydrogen for. Elysian plans to prove it.

The company doesn’t believe it’ll need some giant leap in batteries to do it, either; it says it can take 90 passengers some 800 km (497 miles) using a pack with 360 Wh/kg. Amprius, meanwhile, was shipping 450-Wh/kg cells back in 2022, and Chinese giant CATL launched a 500-Wh/kg “condensed” battery last year. Assuming some improvements, Elysian says it’ll hit 1,000-km (621-mile) range figures, at which point the E9X aircraft could feasibly cover around 50% of all scheduled commercial flights.