The Supreme Court’s January 6 Decision Was a Win for Progressive Protesters, Too (Jeremy Schulman, 6/30/24, MoJo)

In an amicus brief filed before the case was argued, a group of right-wing lawmakers made the rather ominous point that progressive protesters disrupt government events frequently. The Biden administration, they noted, hadn’t used the obstruction law to prosecute anti-Israel protesters who “occupied Capitol buildings to advocate for Congress to back a ceasefire in Gaza” or demonstrators who “interrupted Representative Jim Jordan’s House Judiciary
Committee field hearing” in a New York federal building. Nor, the lawmakers noted, had the Trump administration attempted to use this law against “the scores of protestors arrested for interfering” with Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings in the Senate.

Those protests were in no way comparable to the travesty of January 6. But that isn’t the issue. What that amicus brief makes clear is that if the DOJ’s interpretation of the obstruction law had been upheld, there would have been little stopping a future Trump administration from wielding its 20-year prison terms against political dissidents. Thankfully, the Supreme Court just made that a lot harder.

…words mean things.