The Post-Materialist Man (Leo Nunes, 4/08/24, Voegelin View)

We see post-materialism behind a great variety of phenomena, and it isn’t evident if they are ideologically connected at all. It is clearly seen on the liberal left and their defense of trangenderism, but also in the cult of the body and plastic surgeries, that permeates the culture and society at large. This cult, which at first seems to be an expression of the old materialism, reveals its true face when we examine it more closely: the human body, considered in its actual state, is not that relevant for this cult; only its potential is celebrated. It is like a marble stone that needs to be carved, the clay that serves the potter’s craft. The driving force of this cult is not the body itself, but its modification. As there are no limits to this modification process, the body is seen as pure potentiality. The pure indeterminacy of the body corresponds to an absolute capacity for determination on the part of the agent who acts over it, and this agent, in its turn, is not seen as a corporeal being, but as the post-materialist demiurge.