Dark Energy Could Be Evolving Over Time, Raising Questions About the Nature of the Cosmos (Will Sullivan, April 8, 2024, Smithsonian)

“If this is true, this just turns cosmology upside down,” Dillon Brout, a cosmologist at Boston University who was not involved in the new research, tells Space.com’s Sharmila Kuthunur. A finding like this would be a “paradigm shift in our thinking of what our best understanding of our universe is.”

“If it holds up, this is a very big deal,” Adam Riess, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University who led the team that discovered dark energy 25 years ago and did not contribute to the recent findings, says to New Scientist’s Leah Crane.

“It’s exciting,” Sesh Nadathur, a cosmologist at the University of Portsmouth in England who worked on the research, tells Quanta Magazine’s Charlie Wood. “If dark energy is not a cosmological constant, that’s going to be a huge discovery.”

Paradigms always shift.