NYC is testing window-mounted devices that could cut heating costs by over 50%: ‘This is the way to do that’ (Stephen ProctorApril 7, 2024, Renew Economy)

These heat pumps are special because they are essentially the same size as a window-mounted air conditioning unit.

These heat pumps will similarly be installed on windowsills, from which they’ll heat apartments in the winter and cool them in the summer. Heat pumps have become increasingly popular across the country, but until now they were only for homeowners with space for the larger prototypical design.

Gradient, one of the companies awarded funding for this experiment, says that on the coldest days, the window heat pumps can reduce heating costs by 15-55% compared to gas-powered steam heat and 51-74% compared to oil-powered steam heat.

Notably, many New York City residents rely on such heat, which the NYCHA calls “19th-century technology incompatible with 21st-century needs.”