What The Cluck! Trump Chickens Out Of Testifying At Fraud Trial (Lucian K. Truscott IV, December 11 | 2023, National Memo)

In Trump’s big day on the stand in his fraud trial, which all of a sudden is not going to happen, his freedom was not at stake and all that stands to happen when the trial is over and he loses is to be fined an amount he can appeal until he’s in the grave and let his kids take care of, and possibly lose his license to do business in New York State. So, the stakes are, shall we say, a tad large but not existential.

Even so, Trump skedaddled.

As well he should have. The New York Attorney General, whom Trump called “LETICIA ‘PEEKABOO’ JAMES” in his screed this afternoon, noted that Trump had already been found to have “committed years of financial fraud and unjustly enriched himself and his family.”

“No matter how much he tries to distract from reality, the facts don’t lie.”

Ooooof. There’s your answer for all those chicken feathers in the air at Mar-a-Lago tonight.