The appeal of Argentina’s radical libertarian Javier Milei (HARRIET MARSDEN, 11/21/23, THE WEEK)

Despite the “fervent” support for Milei, his success owes more to the failures of his opponent, said Sam Meadows in The Spectator. Sergio Massa took the lead in October’s first poll, with Milei coming second, but the finance minister’s “inability” to tackle the nation’s economic woes over the past year “ultimately proved an electoral millstone he was unable to shrug off”. Inflation is the fourth highest in the world, and the country owes “gargantuan” debts to the IMF. […]

After spending most of a century “in thrall to one self-destructive economic ideology”, said the Financial Times’ newsletter “Trade Secrets”, Argentina has “decided to have a shot at another” after Milei takes office in December. “How a country manages to hop straight from Peronism to reactionary anarcho-capitalism without ever having a go at boring old liberal social democracy is a wonder to behold.”