People have been searching for this song from ‘The X-Files’ for 25 years. Until now (Erika Ryan, DECEMBER 13, 2023, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED)

It was in an episode from 1998 — season 6, episode 5, titled Dreamland II — that was the second part of a storyline where special agent Fox Mulder swaps bodies with an Area 51 employee. The scene in question takes place at a bar in Nevada where a country-western love song plays in the background.

Ancona said the lyrics were what grabbed her attention.

“The lyrics were so specific that, you know, they could obviously be interpreted as if they were singing to or about an alien or some extraterrestrial life or something that isn’t human,” she said.

Ancona tried an app on her phone to identify it. Nothing. When she looked up the lyrics, she came across other X-Files fans who had been searching for the same song – a mystery that had gone unsolved for 25 years.

She posed the question on X (formerly known as Twitter) and it exploded. Within days, Ancona got her answer.

just had the weirdest experience

was watching an X-files episode & there’s this country song playing in the background of the bar they’re in

& it’s so good it jars me out of my idle multitasking to Shazam it


— auntie cistamine (@laurenancona) December 5, 2023

Composer Rob Cairns came across the viral post and reached out to his friend who just so happened to be the co-writer behind that song, Dan Marfisi.

“He said, ‘You might want to check out this Twitter thread, and if you jump in, you will be a hero,'” Marfisi told NPR. “So I went and got my cape, and I logged on, and it was a party.”