Attacking the System, Left & Right: Critical theories and conspiracy theories are two paths to the same place. (JUSTIN STAPLEY, NOV 27, 2023, Freemen News-Letter)

Most conservatives recognize why various leftist theories such as CRT, the 1619 project, or Equity Theory are concerning and damaging to the fabric of society. But far too many brush off or even feed the growing instincts on the right to question the legitimacy of the results of free and fair elections, to see conspiratorial forces behind the decisions of corporations, institutions, and media companies, and to believe there’s a false flag behind every major geopolitical event. This suggests a serious misunderstanding of why such leftist ideas should be opposed in the first place, and hints that far too many right-wingers are just reflexively trying to “own the left” to achieve power, influence, and wealth rather than engage politically in a way that actually secures the domestic tranquility we are actually charged with conserving and renewing.