Anticipating the Uses of the new AI: robots, mentors, animations (ARNOLD KLING, DEC 25, 2023, In My Tribe)


We bounce our problems off of other people. They might be friends, therapists, coaches, mentors, etc. A lot of what goes on in a coaching or therapy session is that we our nudged into figuring things out for ourselves.

My sense is that the new AI’s are already surprisingly good at playing the role of mentor or coach. People are already using them that way. I imagine that they could get even better. For example, an AI mentor or coach could be trained to imitate a successful role model. Instead of going to see an average therapist or coach, you could have a session with one of the absolute best.

Does a young man benefit from sitting in an audience of hundreds watching Jordan Peterson? What if he could have a one-on-one consult with a Peterson=trained AI?

As an investor, do you see yourself following the advice of Warren Buffet? What if you could have Buffet’s opinion about how you should be selecting a under your circumstances?

My simple essay grader was a convincing proof-of-concept for me. If I were a high school teacher or college professor, I would be happy to use an AI to grade student papers. That would address one of the most tedious, time-consuming parts of teaching.

But more generally, I think that one-on-one relationships between AI’s and humans are going to be important going forward. Everyone can benefit from friendly coaching.

“You’ve got a friend in me.”