February 10, 2016

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As US braces for refugees, one Maine town offers lesson of inclusion (Jessica Mendoza, FEBRUARY 8, 2016, CS Monitor)

Fifteen years ago, Lewiston, Maine, became a prime destination for a wave of Somali immigrants who failed to find housing through a resettlement program established in nearby Portland, the state's largest city. At first, it was a struggle: local schools wrestled with a sudden influx of students who spoke no English, and white supremacist groups rallied against the newcomers' arrival.

But today, the former mill town of about 36,500 is home to an African community of 5,000 - and their presence can be felt throughout the city in mosques, shops, restaurants, and the local champion high-school soccer team that features players from Somalia and other African countries.

The key, some immigrants say, is earning their neighbors' respect.

"When Somalis came in, Lewiston people, Maine people, they think we need welfare, but we don't need welfare," said Shukri Abasheikh, who owns a general store that caters to the African community. "We need jobs. We need peace. We need education."

And, boy, does New England need immigrants.
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The Latino Flight to Whiteness (WILLIAM DARITY JR. FEBRUARY 10, 2016, American Prospect)

The impact of Hispanic patterns of intermarriage supports Alba's words of caution about claims of a new American racial majority of color. By 2011, according to a study by Wendy Wang of the Pew Research Center, 26 percent of Hispanic newlyweds married non-Hispanics. Eighty percent of third-generation Hispanics are the offspring of mixed marriages. The consequences for Hispanic identification are striking. From one generation to the next, the descendants identify less as Hispanic and more as non-Hispanic white in a pattern that economists Brian Duncan and Stephen Trejo call "ethnic attrition." 

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Don't tell Bernie Sanders, but capitalism has made human life fantastically better. Here's how (James Pethokoukis, February 9, 2016,  AEIdeas)

Yes, workers in advanced economies today are many multiples wealthier -- almost incalculably so -- than their counterparts in the early 19th century. But here is another way of looking at, thanks to a new study by consultancy Deloitte showing how technology-driving innovation has radically altered lives in Britain for the much better: [...]

2) It has been saving us from dull, repetitive, and dangerous work. Agriculture was the first major sector to experience this change. In 1871 it employed 6.6% of the workforce of England and Wales. Today that stands at 0.2%, a 95% decline.


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Clinton Surrogate: Unions Are Just 'Super PACs That Democrats Like' (Bill McMorris, February 9, 2016, Free Beacon)

Failed presidential candidate Howard Dean attacked insurgent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., VT) on Friday for his criticism of Hillary Clinton's ties to Wall Street. Dean, a former Vermont governor and head of the Democratic National Committee, downplayed Sanders' frequent claim that he relies on small donors, rather than Super PACs, for his support.

"Frankly, for Bernie to say he doesn't have a Super PAC, labor unions are Super PACs," Dean told MSNBC on Friday. "Now, they're Super PACs that Democrats like, so we don't go after labor unions, but this is a double standard."

Unions are no more persons than corporations and both should be banned from giving to candidates.  Contributions to parties suffice.

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The Many Frenemies of Ted Cruz (ROBERT DRAPER, FEB. 8, 2016, NY Times Magazine)

Whenever Cruz has initiated efforts to forge alliances with colleagues, they have frequently gone awry. In the 2014 election cycle, he offered to campaign on behalf of George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's son, who was running for Texas land commissioner. But that was only after he refused to endorse Bush in the G.O.P. primary, when the candidate could have used some support -- rather than in the general election, when he was already coasting to victory against a weak Democrat. As one of Bush's allies put it, "It was obvious he just wanted to claim credit for George P.'s victory."

Similarly, Cruz offered his services in October 2014 to the Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst, who was in a close race with the Democratic candidate, Bruce Braley. "When she needed him -- which was during the primary -- he was nowhere to be found," recalls one of Ernst's former advisers. "Then, two weeks before the general election, when we're looking to appeal to swing voters, he tried to come into Iowa in a very crass maneuver. To a person, no one on the campaign thought that having Mr. Government Shutdown two weeks before the election was going to help anyone other than Ted Cruz. So we said no thanks."

More recently, Cruz rankled his fellow G.O.P. presidential candidate and professed friend, the easygoing Ben Carson, when on the day of the Iowa caucus his campaign circulated the erroneous claim that Carson was suspending his campaign. During last Saturday's debate, Cruz apologized but also seemed to blame the media for initiating the rumor -- an explanation that Carson clearly did not buy. Cruz's chief antagonist, Trump, gleefully took note of this. During the closing statements of the debate, when Cruz mentioned his victory in Iowa, Trump followed with a sneering, "That's because you stole Ben Carson's votes, by the way."

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Government ministers snub Reform Jews (Michael Boyden, 2/10/16. Times of Israel)

Deri's behavior is hardly surprising given his reaction to the recent agreement reached by Israel's government with the Women of the Wall over the issue of their demand to be able to worship as they wish at the Kotel. He is quoted as having said: "The problem of Reform and Conservative Jews did not exist until now in the State of Israel and I do not intend to let it happen now. There should be no compromise on this issue."

As a private citizen, Deri is entitled to his prejudices, but not while he serves as a Cabinet member, who is there to address the needs of the entire Jewish People.

Deri's insulting behavior follows that of deputy Minister of Education, Meir Porush, who was reported as having said that the Women of the Wall should be "thrown to the dogs" and that "the Reform are responsible for the terrible intermarriage that we've been witnessing in the United States".

If that were not enough, Israel's Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin, stated that "Reform Jews are a dying world" and chairman of the government's Finance Committee, Moshe Gafni, described them as "clowns who stab the holy Torah".

His remarks simply endorsed those of the Minister for Religious Affairs, David Azoulai, who is quoted as having said that he could not allow himself to refer to Reform Jews as Jews.

Now all of this could be brushed aside if one were talking about fanatical rabbis or inconsequential figures on the Israeli political stage. However, these are government ministers. 

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Rubio Just Collapsed (Jim Newell, 2/10/16, Slate)

Only a few days ago Rubio appeared poised to run away with the second leg of his "3-2-1" strategy, or perhaps even make a run for a wounded Donald Trump and begin with a "3-1" start. Either a first- or a significant second-place finish would have cleared the "establishment lane" of competitors such as Gov. Chris Christie; Gov. John Kasich; and, after another state or two of aimless money-burning, Jeb Bush. Natural nominating forces would have pushed Rubio--with the most room to grow and the most support within the party--to the top in the long term.

And then, during Saturday night's debate, he was discovered to have been a replicant all along. He "melted," as Christie put it. As of late Tuesday night, Rubio was in a three-way battle for third place with Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz--and technically sitting in fifth place as of this writing.

Coming out of NH we know that Cruz is not an alternative to Trump, because Trump is just more Cruz than Cruz.  We also know that an appetite remains for the moderate alternative, but that's not going to be the imploding Rubio or the one-state candidate, Kasich.  The party can rally around Jeb starting in SC or we get the Donald.

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California solar industry job growth reaches record levels (Ivan Penn, 2/10/16 LA Times)

By the end of 2015, that total number of solar workers in the state exceeded 75,000. That's more than all jobs held at state's five largest utility companies combined, according to the California Solar Energy Industries Assn.

"Solar power is a bright spot in California's economy, bringing jobs and economic development to every corner of the state," said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the solar association. "While conventional energy industries are losing jobs, we are seeing record growth, and bringing clean air and climate solutions along the way."

February 9, 2016

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Decision Desk HQ exit poll: Trump, Sanders win, GOP pile-up for second (SCOTT BLAND, 02/09/16, Politico)

Behind Trump, the exit poll put Cruz and Kasich tied at 15, Rubio at 11 and Bush at 10.

The poll suggested independent support for Kasich (23 percent) could boost him to a big finish.

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Judge Again Rejects Texas Bid to Block Syrian Refugees (Alexa Ura, Feb. 8, 2016, Texas Tribune)

A federal judge has again denied a bid by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to block the federal government from resettling Syrian refugees in the state.

Dallas-based U.S. District Judge David C. Godbey on Monday rejected Paxton's request for a preliminary injunction to bar the Syrian refugees, dealing another blow to Gov. Greg Abbott's vow -- made in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 dead -- to keep people fleeing the war-torn country out of Texas.  

"The Court does not deny that the Syrian refugees pose some risk. That would be foolish," Godbey wrote. "In our country, however, it is the federal executive that is charged with assessing and mitigating that risk, not the states and not the courts." [...]

The state's next move is unclear; Wise said the AG's office is "currently evaluating" its legal options moving forward. In his ruling, Godbey said Texas is unlikely to succeed in the lawsuit because it has "no viable cause of action" against the federal government.

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Hamas, Fatah agree on tentative steps toward reconciliation (TIMES OF ISRAEL,  February 9, 2016)

Hamas and Fatah reached a tentative agreement to push ahead with new elections and a mechanism for manning the Gaza border with Egypt after two days of reconciliation talks. [...]

The sides pledged to form a national unity government, to lay the groundwork for long-overdue presidential and legislative elections, and to renew their commitment to earlier accords which were signed but not implemented, according to the Palestinian Ma'an news agency.

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Illegal Immigration a Low Priority for Republican Voters (David R. Jones, 2/09/16, NY Times)

The issue of illegal immigration has been front and center throughout the Republican presidential campaign and the focus of heated exchanges in the debates. But only one in seven Republican primary voters in New Hampshire rated it the issue they cared most about this election cycle.

Further, asked whether most immigrants working in the United States illegally should be deported or offered a chance at legal status, a majority backed legal status.

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The One Line in New Hampshire That Donald Trump Won't Cross : Searching for undecided voters above the 45th parallel. (Tim Murphy, Feb. 9, 2016, Mother Jones)

It's hard to get too lost on your way to Pittsburg, New Hampshire (pop. 869). You just drive north for a while. And then you keep driving north for a while longer. Pittsburg is New Hampshire's largest town by land area, covering nearly 300 square miles of North Country mountains and lakes and spanning the entire length of the state's international border with Canada. It's also one of the only corners of the nation's first primary state where candidates never go.

In a year in which Republican candidates have made the Rio Grande a mandatory stop on the presidential campaign trail, trekking to McAllen, Texas, to stare grimly into the Mexican desert, the far vaster northern border--the one terrorists have actually tried to come across--is a much different story. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of town halls and meet-and-greets in the 2016 election cycle, only one happened in Pittsburg. And it was held by Lindsey Graham.

(It's not just candidates who have a tendency to overlook Pittsburg; in the 1830s, it was excised from the United States by a vaguely written treaty, and it hummed along for three years as the independent republic of Indian Stream before the boundary was clarified.)

"[People] certainly can sneak through here, there's no doubt about it," said Laurie Urekew, braving the snow flurries on Saturday afternoon outside Young's general store, an all-purpose grocery and gas station that features a punching bag of President Barack Obama by the register. "But it's very vast here, so chances are someone from the southern area wouldn't survive too much."

This is where the Other Brother and his boys go to hunt.  You can walk into Canada.

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Airbus deal takeoff irks Iranian hard-liners  (Rohollah Faghihi, 2/09/16, Al Monitor)

Many Iranians welcomed President Hassan Rouhani's recent tour of Italy and France, during which billions of dollars in deals -- including the purchase of 118 new Airbus passenger jets -- were hammered out. However, the hard-liners in Iran have been raging against the tour, considering it a major humiliation.

The first salvo came from historian Hussein Dehbashi, a critic of Rouhani, who penned a post on his Facebook page in which he slammed the Iranian president for appearing in a room dominated by a giant bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius at his joint press conference with the Italian prime minister. "[Roman Emperor] Marcus Aurelius [161-180] defeated Iranians in the era of the Parthian Empire. Why did the advisers of President Rouhani not pay attention to that?" Dehbashi wrote. Hard-line outlets warmly welcomed this censure, following Dehbashi's lead in attacking Rouhani.

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Iran's Khatami urges supporters to vote despite candidate crackdown (NASSER KARIMI AND ALI AKBAR DAREINI, February 9, 2016, Times of Israel)

In a statement issued late Monday, Mohammad Khatami said voting in the Feb. 26 parliamentary elections would serve "national interests."

Khatami said although it is disappointing that "capable" and "deserving figures" have been disqualified, people should vote because "massive participation" and "heated elections" are in their interests.

The reformist ex-president remains popular among young people and women, but is deeply disliked by hard-liners and the state media has banned the broadcast of his picture.

After weeks of intensive political lobbying by President Hassan Rouhani, the Guardian Council, Iran's hard-line constitutional watchdog, reversed a ban on 1,500 parliamentary candidates Saturday.

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Iran nuclear deal delays bomb by 10-15 years: IISS chief (AFP February 10, 2016)

The deal between world powers and Iran has delayed Tehran's acquisition of nuclear weapons by 10 to 15 years, the head of a top defense think-tank told AFP on Tuesday.

The agreement struck in Vienna in July between Iran and the permanent five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5 plus one) sees sanctions progressively lifted in return for Tehran ensuring its nuclear program remains for civilian use.

"2015 was by and large a decent year for news on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," said John Chipman, the director-general and chief executive of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

"Principally because, of course, we did see in the last year the conclusion of the P5+1 agreement on the Iranian nuclear file."

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America has near record 5.6 million job openings (Patrick Gillespie, 2/09/16, CNNMoney)

There were 5.6 million job openings in December, just shy of the all-time record of about 5.7 million set in July, according to Labor Department data published Tuesday.

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RubioBot : The question isn't whether Marco Rubio is a robot--it's who programmed him. (Franklin Foer, 2/09/16, Slate)

This image of Rubio as a cipher is at once an unjust caricature and a pretty accurate summation of his career. Since Rubio's earliest days in law school, Republican big wigs have swooned whenever he opens his mouth. They saw his silver tongue and charm, as well as a demographic dreamboat: the ambitious son of Cuban immigrants, who worked his way up from modest means in Florida, the state on which presidential elections turn. Rubio came on the scene as California Gov. Pete Wilson and his anti-immigrant crusade were crashing the Republican Party's share of the Latino vote. It was the very moment that George W. Bush and his mangled Spanish were making a concerted effort to undo that damage.

Rubio was an irresistible figure, quickly marked for bigger things. At every stage of his career, powerful benefactors--including Jeb Bush--pushed Rubio forward. It's how he became the youngest speaker of the Florida house. And it's the reason that strategists began imagining a Rubio presidential bid nearly as soon as he arrived in Washington. 

None of this distinguishes him from other bright young things in every state capital of America. Yet Rubio's ascent came with several clouds that he's never been able to escape. The first is ideological. His rapid-fire transformations on immigration--from Tea Party to Chuck Schumer's fellow gangster and back again--suggests that he lacks core beliefs. They create an impression of a man vulnerable to manipulation--without principles and courage, the very sort who would bend his views to those of his masters. 

Then there's the matter of Rubio's finances. As he freely admits, they are a mess. He's been saddled with debt, unable to cover the costs of family birthday parties and renovations to his home. (When he left the Florida state house in 2008, he had a net worth of $8,351.) The dire state of his bank accounts has made him reliant on benefactors. He needed the Florida GOP's American Express card to help him bridge his expenses. And more glaringly, he's relied on an old auto dealer called Norman Braman. Ever since Rubio entered politics, Braman has showered him with donations, hundreds of thousands of dollars of assistance, by the New York Times' estimation. He even gave Rubio's wife a job as an adviser to his family foundation. Back in 2008, Braman predicted that Rubio would be the first Hispanic president. Seeing that happen in 2016, he told the Times recently, is "part of my legacy." Rubio, meanwhile, has shoveled public money to causes dear to Braman, including a cancer research center bearing his name. 

Another accusation--or perhaps compliment--dogs Rubio. That he is the Republican Obama. 

Like Mr. Obama, he's so devoid of substance you can imagine him to be anything you want him to be.

Billionaire Lifts Marco Rubio, Politically and Personally (MICHAEL BARBARO and STEVE EDER, MAY 9, 2015, NY Times)

A detailed review of their relationship shows that Mr. Braman, 82, has left few corners of Mr. Rubio's world untouched. He hired Mr. Rubio, then a Senate candidate, as a lawyer; employed his wife to advise the Braman family's philanthropic foundation; helped cover the cost of Mr. Rubio's salary as an instructor at a Miami college; and gave Mr. Rubio access to his private plane.

The money has flowed both ways. Mr. Rubio has steered taxpayer funds to Mr. Braman's favored causes, successfully pushing for an $80 million state grant to finance a genomics center at a private university and securing $5 million for cancer research at a Miami institute for which Mr. Braman is a major donor.

Even in an era dominated by super-wealthy donors, Mr. Braman stands out, given how integral he has been not only to Mr. Rubio's political aspirations but also to his personal finances.

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VA Hospital Care Improving, Study Suggests (Amy Norton, 2/09/16, HealthDay)

Researchers found that between 2010 and 2013, men treated for a heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia at a VA hospital were slightly less likely to die in the next month, compared to similar men treated at a non-VA center.

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Yield on Japan's 10-year bonds falls below zero (Phillip Inman, 9 February 2016, The Guardian)

A rush to "safe-haven assets" has sent the interest rate on Japanese 10-year bonds plummeting below zero, the first time in the history of government debt that the yield on a G7 country's 10-year bonds has been negative.

The interest rate on the 10-year Japanese government bond (JGB) touched minus 0.01% in trading on Tuesday.

And Japan is not a safe haven.  Only the US is.

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A Party on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Ross Douthat, FEBRUARY 8, 2016, NY Times)

Sadly no political technologist has yet pioneered that kind of retroactive excision, so Rubio is going into the final forty-eight hours in New Hampshire with a bad debate moment that plays directly into his foes' main line of attack -- that he's a callow scripted smoothie -- hanging over his head. Which, in turn, raises the odds that someone else might be the candidate of late deciders ... and after a debate in which nobody laid a glove on him, that someone else could very well be John Kasich, who has the distinction of being the establishment Republican least equipped for a long drawn-out post-New Hampshire primary campaign.

At which point we would be in truly chaotic territory, in which the Republican Party's ideological center, such as it is, would have great difficulty holding. A Rubio-Cruz-Trump race, as I've pointed out before, would already be the most ideologically consequential primary battle the G.O.P. has featured in decades if not generations. But at least it would be a relatively orderly battle, in which most of the party leadership would end up behind the Florida senator, rather than turning the knives on one another. If Rubio can't consolidate things, though -- if he falls into a tie with Jeb, let's say, while Kasich is alone in second place -- then we're in a situation where Jeb might stick around till Florida and Kasich till Ohio, both on March 15th, an eternity away.

If Trump wins tonight but is below thirty percent and a governor (either Kasich or Jeb) beats Cruz and Rubio, then it's open for Jeb in SC.

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ISIS 'is not sustainable' -- here's the latest sign the group is losing (Jeremy Bender, Feb. 8, 2016, Business Insider)

These blows have significantly lowered the amount of capital ISIS has on hand -- the militants announced in January that fighters in Iraq and Syria would be suffering from a 50% pay cut across the board. 

"These issues suggest that as an entity that is determined to hold onto territory, the Islamic State is not sustainable," Jacob Shapiro, an expert on ISIS and a Princeton University politics professor, told WaPo. 

Indeed, the pay cuts and battlefield losses have led to higher instances of both "for-profit militants" in ISIS's ranks looking "for better deals" with other factions, as well as a decrease in the number of foreign fighters flowing into the group's ranks, Vera Mironova, an expert at Harvard University's Belfer Center, told WaPo. 

This decline in replenishing foreign fighters has cut the ability of ISIS to operate as effectively. ISIS is also further hampered by Turkey's decision to more tightly patrol its southern border, which has limited the ability for potential recruits to flow into Syria.

Ankara and the US are also in talks to train a Sunni Arab paramilitary force that would function on the Syrian side of the border in an effort to fully disrupt ISIS's ability to bring in supplies and fighters. 

Such setbacks are ripe for causing unrest amongst the various factions operating within the militant organization. ISIS already suffers from deep divisions between foreign and local fighters within its organization, and a series of continued losses is likely to only further increase tensions among the competing forces in the group. 

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The Anxiety Of Being Marco Rubio : Rubio's flustered debate performance revealed something his close friends and allies have long known about him. "Marco, calm down." This story is partially adapted from my book, The Wilderness. (McKay Coppins, 2/09/16, Buzz Feed)

Millions of people watched Marco Rubio's televised tailspin in the opening minutes of last weekend's Republican presidential debate -- but what, exactly, they saw depended on the viewer.

To rivals, Rubio's reflexive retreat to the same snippet of well-rehearsed rhetoric -- over and over, and over, and over again -- was proof of the freshman senator's status as a lightweight. To supporters, the wobbly display was a forgivable fluke, one bad moment blown wildly out of proportion by a bloodthirsty press corps.

But to those who have known him longest, Rubio's flustered performance Saturday night fit perfectly with an all-too-familiar strain of his personality, one that his handlers and image-makers have labored for years to keep out of public view. Though generally seen as cool-headed and quick on his feet, Rubio is known to friends, allies, and advisers for a kind of incurable anxiousness -- and an occasional propensity to panic in moments of crisis, both real and imagined.

This jittery restlessness has manifested itself throughout Rubio's life, from high school football games in Miami to high-profile policy fights in Washington -- and in some ways, it's been the driving force in his rapid political rise.
When Rubio was nearing the end of his final term as Speaker of the Florida House in 2008, he invited a small circle of loyal donors, local activists, and friendly media figures to an intimate breakfast meeting at Miami's Biltmore Hotel to help him plot his next move. The consensus at the table was that he should wait for the right statewide race to open up -- attorney general, maybe, or even governor. But Rubio, feeling the familiar itch of the achievement junkie, was distressed by the prospect of patiently waiting around. The next race he could conceivably enter was for the Miami-Dade mayorship, and according to people familiar with the meeting, Rubio worked himself into a minor tizzy trying to convince his skeptical breakfast companions that he should run: What if his donors got poached while he was out of the spotlight? What if his supporters abandoned him? He could be finished in politics if he screwed this up!

As his voice betrayed a growing agitation, some at the table began exchanging sideways glances, perplexed by the spectacle and slightly embarrassed for Rubio. Finally, Ninoska Pérez Castellón, a popular local radio personality who frequently interviewed Rubio on air, felt it necessary to interject with some tough love.

"Marco!" she snapped. "You could be governor, or even in Congress! You don't want to burn yourself as mayor of Dade County." Slow down and stop worrying so much, she told him. "People aren't going to forget you."

As one of the breakfast attendees recalled of the scene, "He was just missing that sense of maturity you want."

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The VAT: Coming soon to a campaign stop near you (Alan D. Viard, February 8, 2016, AEI)

Although VATs and other consumption taxes have the same work disincentives as income taxes, they avoid the saving and investment disincentives that are built into income taxes. Replacing much of the income tax system with a VAT, as the Cruz and Paul plans would do, therefore has the potential to increase investment and long-run economic growth. 

Especially as we transfer more wealth to universal investment accounts, we'll want people to save/invest, not spend.

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'Make fascism great again': German Carnival float mocks Donald Trump (Becca Stanek, 2/09/16, The Week)
As Germans kicked off their annual Carnival celebration Monday with huge parades, Donald Trump was right there with them -- well, his head was, at least. The city of Düsseldorf's parade featured a massive papier mâché bust of the Republican presidential candidate atop a float.

The float depicts Trump crying over his recent defeat in the Iowa caucuses while simultaneously yelling at the Statue of Liberty, who is sticking her tongue out at him. Trump's campaign slogan is reimagined and painted on his infamous hair: "Make fascism great again."

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Donald Trump's foul mouth is just a cover for his ignorance (Michael Gerson, February 8, 2016, Washington Post)

In real life, expletives are often used as a form of aggression or cruelty. A co-worker who tells you to Trump yourself is usually being unpleasant. A co-worker who does this every day is often creating a hostile or demeaning work environment. Language suitable for decent company is a form of politeness, which is a species of respect, which is an expression of morality. And if I am the last holdout on this issue, so be it. I don't really give a damn.

Win or lose, Trump has brought the language and sensibilities of cable TV to presidential politics. This is a relatively small transgression in a campaign that has involved groundbreaking appeals to ethnic and religious resentment. But there is a rhetorical strategy at work here worth noting. In recent rallies, Trump -- in addition to telling people to go "F---" themselves -- said he would "beat the s---" out of anyone attacking us and has now charmingly (and by "charmingly" I mean loathsomely) called Ted Cruz a "p----." Trump identifies crudity with populism, as if using words of four letters were a protest against prim elites. Rough language is intended to convey strength and authenticity. On both counts, it amounts to deception.

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North Korea's satellite is tumbling in orbit (Catherine Garcia, 2/09/16, The Week)

The satellite launched by North Korea on Saturday is tumbling in orbit, rendering it useless, a U.S. official said Monday.

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What Republicans Lose If Jeb Bush Fails (Francis Wilkinson, 2/09/16, Bloomberg View)

The Republican National Committee's famously ineffectual "Growth and Opportunity Project," issued in early 2013, urged the party to pass comprehensive immigration reform as a way to reach out to Hispanic and Asian voters who had shunned the party's 2012 nominee. That didn't happen. In this campaign, Trump has dominated the debate, lingering over the fine points of deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic and many of whom have American family or friends.

Rubio has probably worn out his welcome with voters who care about this -- on both sides of the divide. He ran against "amnesty" in his 2010 race before making immigration reform his baby and then, when the going got tough, abandoned it to the wolves. Conservative immigration restrictionists don't appear willing to forgive or forget; many revile Rubio for switching sides. Apparently, he elicits similar feelings among many immigration supporters. One activist assured me that if Rubio makes it into a general election, he will face blistering criticism, including in Spanish, for his betrayal. [...]

But Bush's family cuts two ways. His Mexican-American wife represents a visceral commitment to immigration, assimilation and a broad definition of the American Dream. Bush is obviously comfortable in Hispanic culture. And he would be able to make the case, speaking in fluent Spanish himself if necessary, that he stuck to his pro-immigration stand, risked his campaign by battling Trump and the demagogues -- and won. That could be worth a lot.

A December poll of battleground states by Latino Decisions, whose principals also work for Clinton's campaign, showed Bush was the only Republican candidate with a net positive rating among Hispanic voters. (Rubio, by contrast, was a net -8.)

Moreover, Bush is knowledgeable enough to think on his feet and experienced, having spent eight years as a popular governor of one of the largest states. Just in case some Republicans out there still think evidence that a candidate can actually succeed at the job is in any way relevant.

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Fake-Rothko Trial Makes Stock Market Look Perfectly Sensible (Katya Kazakina, February 9, 2016, Bloomberg)

Art dealer Ann Freedman spent the past two weeks as a defendant in a $25 million fraud trial in a Manhattan federal courtroom. Today, she is expected to testify for the plaintiffs, following a mid-trial settlement of the claim against her by Sotheby's Chairman Domenico De Sole.

De Sole and his wife, Eleanore, sued Freedman, former president of the Knoedler & Co. gallery in New York, for selling them an $8.3 million painting by Mark Rothko in 2004 that later turned out to be a forgery painted by a Chinese immigrant in Queens. The De Soles also sued Knoedler, a once-prominent, now shuttered Manhattan gallery, and holding company 8-31 Holdings Inc. The De Soles settled with Freedman on Sunday, but the dealer's anticipated testimony will be part of their ongoing dispute with Knoedler.

The trial is airing usually secretive details of high-end art transactions and making public the dicey nature of the authentication process. Witness testimony and court exhibits underscore how the trade's opacity compared with other financial markets can make it vulnerable to manipulation.

"At the time it didn't cross my mind they were selling fake art," De Sole told the jury last month.

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Marco Rubiobot Still Stuck in 'Repeat' Mode (Margaret Hartmann, 2/09/16, NY Mag)

After imploding during Saturday night's debate, Marco Rubio's only hope was to keep campaigning in New Hampshire and finish in the top tier of Tuesday's primary. With time, perhaps people would forget that he repeated the same Obama attack line four times, just as they got over the Poland Spring incident. The plan might have worked, but unfortunately, the Florida senator's only method of dealing with pressure is to wrap himself in the warm, comforting embrace of memorized talking points.

At an event in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday night, Rubio explained that he and his wife are "raising our four children in the 21st century" (clarifying that he is raising his kids in the present day is not the flub). After completing his sentence about the difficulty of teaching kids good values, Rubio went ahead and repeated the line...

Welcome to Westworld!

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