July 17, 2008


'Netroots' reassess their candidate (Katharine Q. Seelye, July 17, 2008, NY Times)

The convention, formerly YearlyKos and now Netroots Nation, or NN08, bills itself as "the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date." About 2,000 bloggers, activists, officeholders, vendors and others are expected to attend, with 200 members of the mainstream news media tracking them (yes, roughly one old-media type for every 10 new-media hipsters).

The convention comes as some in the netroots are questioning Senator Barack Obama's commitment to their values and whether their faith in him as a different kind of politician was misplaced. Most of the discontent stems from Obama's vote to give legal immunity to the telecommunications companies that participated in the Bush administration's program of wiretapping without warrants, after he had said he would vote to block it. [...]

[W]hile the Obama campaign has shown prowess organizing and raising staggering sums online, the candidate's relationship with the netroots has been tentative. Straw polling last year showed the netroots preferred John Edwards over Obama as the Democrats' nominee.

Part of the problem stems from a difference in style. The netroots can be reflexively confrontational and demand ideological purity.

Obama took issue with those tactics in 2005, writing in a memorandum that candidates who wanted to win the trust of voters could not demonize those who disagreed with them or always be ideologically pure.

"To the degree that we brook no dissent within the Democratic Party, and demand fealty to the one, 'true' progressive vision for the country," Obama wrote, "we risk the very thoughtfulness and openness to new ideas that are required to move this country forward."

Democrat centrists duel with 'netroots': Soul of party staked as prize (Christina Bellantoni, July 17, 2008, Washington Times)
Markos Moulitsas is confident that the soul rests firmly on his side - the "netroots."

He will make that case Friday when he discusses the party's future with Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold E. Ford Jr. They will square off at the Netroots Nation conference inspired by Mr. Moulitsas' Daily Kos blog, carrying out the second part of a pact forged last summer on NBC's "Meet the Press."

A video promo posted at DailyKos.com depicts the panel discussion as a "Texas Shootout," though the dialogue was civil when Mr. Moulitsas attended the DLC's annual meeting last month.

Mr. Ford argues that for Democrats "to win and do well, it will take a merging of both factions, every part of the party." Mr. Moulitsas, however, insists that Democrats need to hold intraparty primary battles to purge candidates and elect "better" politicians.

,,,but it's fun to watch the Left go ballistic as their candidate's stumble to the Right demonstrates how out of touch they are with America, kind of like the Beltway Right's shock when the party utterly rejected Rudy and Mitt.

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 17, 2008 8:02 AM

Nope. Wrong. It's an attempted Maskirovska.

The lefties saw how well it worked with the Skipper, so they're trying one of their own.

Posted by: Lou Gots at July 18, 2008 4:19 AM
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