December 7, 2006


Karl Rove: Bush Back to Basics (Ronald Kessler, Dec. 6, 2006, NewsMax)

Rove provided plenty of details on Bush's agenda:

# The economy and Iraq will dominate the agenda until the end of Bush's presidency. Given the new circumstances in Congress, achieving results in those and other areas requires good relations with Congress. Bush is committed to reaching out to members of both sides of the aisle. He wants to repair relations and build alliances.

# In adhering to basic Republican principles, Bush will not yield on spending issues. More than ever, the White House must reel in Republicans and restrain Democrats when it comes to spending. That means forming majorities that will sustain a veto if required.

# As outlined in a Nov. 8 NewsMax story, "Bush Policies Will Not Change," Bush will not yield on any effort to emasculate tools like the Patriot Act or National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts needed by the FBI and CIA to protect the country from terrorist attacks.

# While the White House knows Democrats will be launching investigations, a mechanism has been set up to deal with them without allowing staff to become consumed by these events.

# One way or another, the situation in Iraq has to improve in the next six to 12 months. In that regard, Bush hopes Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki will be able to produce the results he has promised. Malaki has said he believes Iraqi forces will be able to take full control of security by June of next year.

Meanwhile, here are the three things he could actually achieve that would be good for his own legacy and the Party:

(1) Transfer responsibility for the war to the Iraqis and draw down as much as they ask us to.

(2) Get a last tax cut bill. The Democrats need to pass AMT relief but the President can get the credit for it.

(3) Immigration reform (amnesty). Again, the Democrats will pass it, but it's his bill.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 7, 2006 1:31 PM

That means forming majorities that will sustain a veto if required.

That's a 1/3 plus 1 majority, right?

Posted by: Steve White at December 7, 2006 6:19 PM