August 29, 2004


GOP to Show a New Face to Minorities: More delegates will be black and Latino, but Bush's record may be a hindrance. (Johanna Neuman, August 29, 2004, LA Times)

A record 16% of the 5,000 delegates will be members of minority groups, and 44% will be women — a 70% increase in the diversity of delegates from 2000 and the most varied crowd of delegates in GOP history. Republican leaders call it a "milestone achievement in our party's connection with American minorities."

Republican leaders also plan to portray President Bush as a man who has advanced the interests of minorities by deeds, not words — highlighting his faith-based initiatives to help the disadvantaged, his No Child Left Behind education policy, the acceleration of minority homeownership on his watch and his support for historically black and Latino colleges.

They will also point to the diversity of his top advisors, among them Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, Education Secretary Rod Paige, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson.

"Our government has a very diverse face, a diverse presence," said Terry Holt, spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Far from conceding the minority vote to Democrats — in 2000, Al Gore won 90% of the black vote and 67% of the Latino vote — the GOP will promote all of Bush's policies as beneficial to minorities, Holt said, including the war on terrorism, tax cuts and healthcare reform.

"It's not just political rhetoric," he said. "President Bush has led by example."

It would be nice to get more black voters but all that's really necessary is that they not have motivation to turn out to vote against you. Why would any black voter make a special effort to vote against Mr. Bush and for Mr. Kerry?

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 29, 2004 7:01 AM

Perhaps because Bush personally dragged their own behind his pickup and Kerry by rights ought to be President?

Or perhaps not.

Posted by: jsmith at August 30, 2004 9:40 AM