June 11, 2023


'In-office attendance' -- The obsolete strikes back, idiotically (Paul Wallis, June 10, 2023, Digital Journal)

Let's start with the economics of office attendance for employees. Employees are the people who actually do something. This is the breakdown:

It costs time and money to come into the office.

You lose money out of whatever pittance you're paid in the process.

It can easily add 4 hours in unpaid and totally unproductive commuting time.  

You can be seriously stressed, killed, or injured commuting if you drive to work.

Upon arrival at work, you are instantly immersed in the blissful rhapsody of the modern workplace. You can catch up on the latest workplace psychoses.

At some point, you get a performance review. A performance review is based on Key Productivity Indicators, and whatever gossip middle management has heard about you. It has little or nothing to do with actual in-person management and evaluation. Many modern managers think performance reviews are absurd.

On the positive side you can tell your managerial dinosaur to go to hell in person, but that's about all.

From the employer's side, the outlook is equally rosy:

You can pay an actual fortune to operate a workplace if you have those newfangled things like water and electricity.

You can pay top dollar for all statutory employee support services with no legal options whatsoever.

You can catch and spread any pandemics going around.

You can surround yourself with resentful, underappreciated people who make nothing a year and sycophantic, untrustworthy, vermin.

You can watch CCTV and make sure nobody's using the bathroom or otherwise threatening to be hygienic. This is also illegal in most countries, so you can grab some of that sweet employer's six-digit legal liability while you're at it.

You can incur any amount of OH&S liabilities in the form of anyone on the premises. That's per day.

You can referee fistfights with customers and staff or, just for a refreshing change, dodge a few bullets.

Are you out of your brain-dead allegedly business-qualified minds?

There is absolutely nothing to be said for office attendance, even by yourself.

...is so that they can pretend to matter to your work product. It's anti-economics.

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