June 11, 2023


Evidence in Trump's indictment came from inside Mar-a-Lago and those hired for him (Josh Dawsey and Jacqueline Alemany, June 10, 2023, Washington Post)

A secretary -- identified in the indictment as "Trump Employee 2" -- told prosecutors that Trump himself had been packing and looking through boxes, contrary to assertions from his own lawyers. A young political aide, referred to as "the PAC representative" in the indictment, told prosecutors that Trump showed him a classified map about a military operation in a foreign country and told him to stand back because it was a secret document. At a recent CNN town hall, Trump said he did not remember doing such a thing.

Key parts of the indictment are based on one of his lawyer's detailed notes about Trump's wishing to obstruct justice by not responding to a subpoena -- contradicting the 45th president's claims that he was always cooperative with the Justice Department and the National Archives and Records Administration. And Trump's valet was indicted alongside him, after prosecutors obtained the aide's text messages and accused him of lying about moving boxes at Trump's request.

Over a lengthy investigation, special counsel Jack Smith and his team interviewed dozens of Trump's staffers, including his secretary, groundskeepers and political aides. The interviews gave Smith a close-up look at how Trump had structured his unorthodox post-presidential life -- and made Trump and his advisers deeply angry and uncomfortable, according to people familiar with the matter, who, like others interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive topics or the ongoing criminal investigation.

Trump never spoke to prosecutors in the case, but his actions, idiosyncrasies and thoughts were relayed in documents and text messages provided by staffers.

There's a reason he can't find decent people to work for him.

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