April 12, 2023


The smearing of Garrett Foster: The far right justifies political violence by villainizing a decent man (RADLEY BALKO, APR 11, 2023, The Watch)

In what has become an all too predictable reaction, the far right has since turned Perry into a martyr. Fever swamp personalities like Mike Cernovich and Tucker Carlson quickly advocated for a pardon, while far right personalities while calling Foster "terrorist," a "rioter" a member of Antifa, and a "BLM boogaloo member."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has already a shown a willingness to take marching orders from Carlson, quickly jumped into the fray, stating that he looks "forward to approving the board's pardon recommendation as soon as it hits my desk."

(Abbott can't do anything without the pardon board's recommendation.)

The entire horrific incident is now firmly enmeshed in the culture war, so no amount of truth is going to burst the Fox News bubble. But it's important to understand why these particular lies about this particular incident are especially dangerous. So let's break all of this down . . .

...the fact he supported BLM means he's not decent nor even white.

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