September 21, 2022


King Charles and the Jacobin Right (Capel Lofft, 9/21/22, The Critic)

Charles Windsor has gone through an extraordinarily rapid transformation. We all know that he became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its overseas territories and other Commonwealth realms, the second the Queen's heart stopped beating on the afternoon of Thursday, 8 September 2022. In the minds of the UK's Jacobin Right, he went through an even more dramatic metamorphosis at the same time: from the lunatic lefty "Clown Prince" who was in league with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and the other members of the shadowy elite syndicate that apparently run the world through the obscure auspices of the World Economic Forum -- to His Majesty the King, the venerable Sovereign and beloved Liege Lord of the great country on God's green earth. 

It's easy to mock the motley cast of characters that make up the crankish world of the Guido-GB News British right -- and it's very entertaining, too, so let's do that for a paragraph. Many of them appear to be confused adolescent boys who accidentally wandered into a TV studio in the middle of a school trip and have mysteriously never been asked to leave since. Like a horrible right-wing mirror image of the deranged children that inhabit that barely-glorified hard-left intellectual creche "Novara Media", they have been conducting an adolescent William Hague impersonation contest ever since -- although to be fair to North Yorkshire's favourite pint-downing former Tory leader, they have succeeded in making him look like a cross between Benjamin Disraeli and Edmund Burke.

It's not just the kids though: there are plenty of hoary old-timers who have done a dramatic u-turn now that deranged eco-terrorist Prince Charles has become the Almighty's glorious anointed. Nigel Farage interrupted a busy schedule of day-drinking, wistful self-googling and bashing away on the Daily Mail comment section to give his ever-so-slightly obsequious verdict on the King's early performance. One can only surmise that a portrait of His Majesty has already replaced his beloved, and perhaps slightly soiled, framed photo of the Queen that he kept on his wall between the Pirelli calendars and his mint-condition collection of Rothmans cigarette cards.

In their various ways, what these characters sum up is the extent to which there is a section of the modern British right that is simply one enormous great throbbing id dressed up as a political ideology.

Making "unacceptable!" men their prison husbands is a specialty. 
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