June 2, 2022


Imagine a US political party built around faster economic growth and technological progress (James Pethokoukis, 6/02/22, Faster, Please!)

As loyal readers and subscribers of Faster, Please know, I contend that neither major party in 2022 -- and neither America's current Left Wing nor Right Wing -- satisfactorily promotes and reflects what I call "Up Wing" policies and values. Up Wingers are all about economic and technological acceleration for solving big problems, effectively tackling new ones, and creating maximum opportunity for all. They accept the necessity of change, although sometimes that disruption is really uncomfortable. They demand public policy be judged by its potential impact on America's ability to discover, invent, and innovate.

Broadly, my flavor of Up Wing wonkery would dramatically boost science and infrastructure investment, expand international trade, increase immigration, reform or eliminate anti-progress, anti-entrepreneur regulations (often dating back to the country's 1970s eco-pessimist shift), promote housing density, link top federal pay to economic performance, and create a more pro-investment tax code -- among many, many other policy ideas. (There's a Moon and Mars colony in there somewhere, too.)

My kind of Up Wing America would be digging superdeep holes for unlimited geothermal energy, pushing hard on nuclear fusion, vacuuming carbon from the sky, extending the maximum human healthspan, and fully embracing the potential of a thriving orbital economy. At century's end, I want our kids and grandkids to look back at this current period as when we began the most creative and expansive period of human civilization, well on our way to mastering the Solar System.

Posted by at June 2, 2022 12:34 PM