October 19, 2018


Poll shows Utah voters are behind Prop 3, expanding Medicaid, which state lawmakers oppose  (Benjamin Wood, 10/19/18, Salt Lake Tribune)

Support has grown for a ballot initiative seeking to fully expand Medicaid and provide health care to roughly 150,000 low-income Utahns, according to a new Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll.

The poll shows 59 percent of Utah voters favor Proposition 3, up from 54 percent in a similar survey conducted in June. The share of voters opposing the initiative fell slightly from 35 percent to 33 percent between the two polls.

Obamacare is finally working (and Republicans still want to kill it) (Rick Newman, October 19, 2018, Yahoo News)

President Trump might not mind if people starting calling Obamacare Trumpcare, because the controversial health program signed into law in 2010 is finally stabilizing.

After several years of sharp rate hikes, insurance premiums for people participating in Affordable Care Act exchanges are actually due to fall in 2019. The Trump administration says the average premium for a typical plan will drop by 1.5% next year. That's based on rates insurance companies must file with the states in which they operate. About 9 million Americans buy insurance on an ACA exchange.

"There's been a lot of tumult under the ACA up till now," says Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation. "But there's no question it's viable, in the face of significant headwinds. The ACA is embedded in the health care system."

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