January 29, 2018


Lawmakers call on Trump to drop bid for legal immigration cuts (David Nakamura January 28, 2018, Washington Post)

Congress members, including some Republicans, said Sunday that the negotiations have gone too far afield ahead of a March 5 deadline after which 690,000 dreamers in an Obama-era deferred action program could begin to lose their protections from deportation.

"It seems to me that the two important things to tackle right now . . . are to protect the dreamers and also to strengthen border security," Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

She called Trump's proposals to reform legal immigration "very important" but also "very complicated."

Appearing after Collins on the same show, Reps. Will Hurd (R-Tx.) and Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) -- who have proposed a House bill to provide legal status to dreamers and bolster border security -- agreed that addressing the legal immigration system in the negotiations over dreamers is implausible.

"I still believe that a narrow bill is most important; the thing that we can get through our Congress, both houses, in the House and in the Senate," said Hurd, who represents a district with more than 800 miles of border with Mexico. "Because the more things you add, you start creating coalitions of opposition. And so let's keep this narrow."

The budget deal will legalize the Dreamers, retain chain migration for everyone they've ever met, and some token money for Donald to play with his wall.  We all win--except his base...

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