October 1, 2017

CITIES WERE A MISTAKE (self-reference alert):

Jared Kushner's Entitlement Is New Jersey Born and Bred (LUCINDA ROSENFELD, SEPT. 29, 2017, NY Times)

Anyone who has ever driven on the New Jersey Turnpike knows that, at a certain point in the road, the entire Manhattan skyline appears to rise from the surrounding marshland like a close-yet-so-far Land of Oz, both tempting and terrorizing with its mysterious jutting cutouts. To traverse this roadway, as Mr. Kushner surely did as a young man, was undoubtedly to exist in a constant state of aspiration and alienation. No matter one's personal glories, for those who call New Jersey home, and especially those who reside in Northern New Jersey, it's difficult to forget that one is still not from "the city," as the landmass across the river is known. Overcompensation tends to follow. Blind arrogance is an occasional byproduct.

Eagle Rock park affords an especially good view of the NYC skyline and I spent the same years thinking how ugly it was, especially the heinous Twin Towers.  The problem with Mr. Kushner's upbringing was not location but parenting.

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