February 1, 2016


Donald Trump is the Mussolini of America with double the vulgarity (Andrew Roberts, 31 Jan 2016, The Telegraph)

The only time I met Donald Trump told me all I needed to know. It was at an American Red Cross dinner-dance to raise money to fight cancer, held at his opulent Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach a few years ago. It was of course extremely generous of him to lay on the place gratis for the night - there was a synchronized swimming display in the swimming pool, I remember - and the evening did indeed raise over $5 million, but in personally deciding the placement for the dinner he did something so unforgivable that the real man was exposed in all his egotistical vulgarity.

He sat his wife at the same table as a lady - and I must be careful here - who several of his friends present strongly believed to be his mistress. The rest of us at the table were dumbfounded and embarrassed; Trump himself obviously found it amusing as he ruined the evening for both pneumatic and almost identical women. The obscene self-regard of the man was laid bare for us all. [...]

Where Mussolini unrealistically promised the Italian people that he would capture Gibraltar from Britain, Trump promises to make Mexico pay for an impenetrable wall on the Rio Grande. Only in Trump's utterly unenforceable promise to ban all Muslims from entering America - something that would wreck the US economy and destroy her influence in the world - is there no possible equivalent from "Il Duce".

GOP Front-Runner Donald Trump Viewed Unfavorably by Most (Kenneth T. Walsh, Feb. 1, 2016,US News)

[T]rump has the highest unfavorability rating of any major party presidential candidate in more than two decades, according to the Gallup polling organization.

Three of five Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, a billionaire real estate developer from New York who is known for his insults and ego. This is the highest unfavorable rating of any presidential candidate this year.

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