January 3, 2016


Why Armed Protesters Took Over a U.S. Wildlife Refuge Building (MARINA KOREN, 1/03/15, The Atlantic)

Bundy and the armed protesters took over the headquarters of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, which was closed for the holiday weekend, after participating in a peaceful rally in Burns, Oregon, in support of the Hammonds. Bundy said that the property, which is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is "owned by the people, and it has been provided to us to be able to come together and unite to make a hard stand against [government] overreach."

When the Hammonds were originally sentenced, they argued that the ​minimum mandatory sentence for arson on federal land--five years--was unconstitutional, according to the U.S. district attorney's office in Oregon. The trial court agreed and reduced the sentence. But an appeals court eventually upheld the federal law, and a judge imposed the mandatory sentence last October, with credit for time the Hammonds already served. The father served three months, while the son, who was also found guilty of committing arson on public lands in 2006, served one year, according to the Associated Press.

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