December 6, 2015


Palestine's Abortion Problem : Around 40 percent of women in the West Bank have had abortions, though the procedure remains illegal in Palestine. So guess where they go. (YARDENA SCHWARTZDECEMBER 4, 2015, Foreign Policy)

While abortion is outlawed by the Palestinian government, there is no punishment for women who end their own pregnancies: This has led to the spread of at-home abortion methods, such as jumping off of staircases or inserting sharp instruments into the body. Last November, a woman in Nablus died from internal bleeding after she tried to end her pregnancy by having her young son jump on her belly, according to Ali Shaar, a Palestinian physician who works as the national program officer for reproductive health at the U.N. Population Fund's assistance program for the Palestinians.

Abortion is illegal in most of the Middle East, but what sets Palestinian women apart from those in other Arab countries is that they live just several miles -- sometimes less than one mile -- from a country where abortion is completely legal, easily accessible, and even government-funded.

"The Palestinian Authority is basically encouraging unsafe abortionsThe Palestinian Authority is basically encouraging unsafe abortions," says Amina Stavridis, director of the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFFPA), a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization.

Israel, despite its religious, right-wing government, is among the world's most liberal countries when it comes to abortion. Women must apply to a medical committee in order to obtain a surgical abortion, but 98 percent of requests are approved.

Get it to 100% and Palestine will never be a nation.

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