February 27, 2014


Tesla Motors (TSLA) gigafactory: the automaker as energy company (+video) (David J. Unger, February 27, 2014, CS Monitor)

The Tesla Motors gigafactory - a $5 billion plan for a sprawling battery factory in the Southwest United States - is a big bet on an evolving energy technology that is vital to the carmaker's future. Tesla Motors has always blurred the lines between the energy, technology, and automotive industries. But with its proposed gigafactory, and stronger ties with solar energy firm SolarCity, Tesla Motors aims to capitalize on the links between power, transportation, and innovation.       

"Portable energy is the next big thing," Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, says in a telephone interview. "If we can master it in the modern era - if we can make it cheaper and more effective - it's going to make our lives easier. There's a huge long-term corporate play there. Elon Musk needs batteries for Tesla, but he can also use them to influence a lot of other industries."

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