February 27, 2014

60 in '14:

Cory Gardner's Run Shows GOP Expects a Promising Year (Alex Roarty, February 26, 2014, National Journal)

[I]t's one thing to argue, as Republicans have for months, that they're poised to win big because an unpopular issue is dragging down the opponent. It's another thing entirely for credible Republican candidates to bank an entire candidacy on it. [...]

The GOP needs to win back a net of six seats to take control of the Senate majority. Gardner's entrance represents, to date, the high-water mark in the Senate Republicans' attempt to expand the 2014 map beyond the core group of seven red states defended by Democrats (Alaska, Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota, Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina). Along with the emergence of Republican Terri Lynn Land in Michigan, the party has three credible candidates running in blue states controlled by Democrats--and four if Brown runs in New Hampshire.

The GOP isn't the favorite to win any of the blue-state campaigns, at least not yet. But their candidates will put Democrats on the defensive.

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