September 15, 2010


Clinton: New-look GOP makes Bush look liberal (ASSOCIATED PRESS, September 14, 2010)

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that the Republican Party is embracing "ideology over evidence" and pushing out pragmatic voices that would make even his White House successor seem like a liberal.

Clinton, speaking at a DFL Party fundraiser in Minneapolis, said there was no mistaking that Republicans have tacked hard right and questioned whether former President George W. Bush would fit in among the party's candidates this year.

"A lot of their candidates today, they make him look like a liberal," Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd at a downtown Minneapolis hotel.

...Mr. Clinton appears not to have paid any attention the last ten years. W was always at war with these guys, not the Democrats Bush Renews Attack on Republican Party's Image (Terry M. Neal, 10/07/09, Washington Post)
Texas Gov. George W. Bush criticized his party on Tuesday for espousing negative rhetoric, failing to portray a message of inclusiveness and forgetting that conservative policies should benefit those left behind in an affluent society.

Bush's remarks, during a speech on education, marked the second time in a week that the Republican front-runner has challenged the GOP to rise above the perception of it as a repository of uncaring and mean-spirited ideology. Last week, he stunned many of his supporters on Capitol Hill when he denounced a congressional GOP budget plan that would save money by deferring tax credits for the working poor.
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"Too often, on social issues, my party has painted an image of America slouching toward Gomorrah," Bush told his audience at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank. "Too often, my party has focused on the national economy, to the exclusion of all else, speaking a sterile language of rates and numbers, of CBO and GNP. Too often my party has confused the need for limited government with a disdain for government itself."

He then declared: "This is not an option for conservatives. . . . Our founders rejected cynicism, and cultivated a noble love of country."

Which is why they turned on him--and blew up his presidency, the congressional majorities he'd won them, and the McCain campaign--as soon as he was a lame duck..

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Posted by Orrin Judd at September 15, 2010 5:50 AM
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