September 1, 2009


The Courtship: The story behind the Obama-Brooks bromance. (Gabriel Sherman, August 31, 2009, New Republic)

These days, the center-right Brooks frequently seems more sympathetic toward Obama than the liberal Paul Krugman. He has written columns praising Obama’s Afghanistan policy, education proposals, and economic team. Even on broad areas of disagreement--deficit spending, the sprawling stimulus bill, health care reform--Brooks tends to treat Obama and his administration with respect. “My overall view,” Brooks told me, “is ninety-five percent of the decisions they make are good and intelligent. Whether I agree with them specifically, I think they’re very serious and very good at what they do.” It is an odd situation to say the least: David Brooks, prominent conservative, has become the most visible journalistic ally of arguably the most liberal president of his lifetime.

How did this happen?

Never mind being three election cycles behind the times on Mr. Brooks's politics, they're a couple months behind on his disillusionment with the Unicorn Rider.

BOOKNOTES: Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There by David Brooks (Brian Lamb, 7/30/2000, C-SPAN)

LAMB: Your parents, were they people of the left?

Mr. BROOKS: They were people--they were liberals. They were sort of
Scoop Jackson Democrats, and they're still Democrats. They were
not--certainly not of the stripe I now am.

LAMB: What's their reaction to your stripe today?

Mr. BROOKS: I think they've gotten used to it. It was a shock, I'm
sure, at first, beca--it took a few years after I left Chicago and I
went to work at National Review, which was my first job--worked for
Bill Buckley--and I'm sure that was not the world they envisioned for
me. And they disagree with me on many issues, I'm sure, and sometimes
caustically. But I've--I've become a little less conservative,
actually, recently, so maybe there's a meeting there.

LAMB: Based on what?

Mr. BROOKS: Based on the idea that--I just think conservatives have
been wrong about a number of things and put me off about a number of
things, mostly during the Gingrich revolution. I thought the--the
Republican Party was too viciously anti-government for my taste.

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