August 5, 2008


Race-card flap reopens Clinton camp wounds (BEN SMITH, 8/5/08, Politico)

The Clintons and their allies may forgive Barack Obama for beating Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, but there’s one sore point they’re not quite ready to absolve: Leaving the impression that Bill and Hillary Clinton have a race problem.

“I am not a racist,” Clinton said Monday in a testy interview with ABC News in Monrovia, Liberia, in response to a question that wasn’t quite related to that subject. "I've never made a racist comment and I never attacked [Obama] personally." [...]

But regardless of the real meaning of Clinton’s words, and of Clinton’s long relationship with African-Americans, this is the rift between the Clinton and Obama camps that still cuts the deepest, and the one that may have the severest consequences for Obama’s White House bid. When John McCain’s campaign manager last week accused Obama of playing the “race card,” the Clintons or their supporters could have provided a powerful rebuttal. Instead they were silent, and in private, some even quietly cheered.

The depth of the anger in Clinton’s circle became clear Friday, when McCain’s chief strategist compared his candidate to Bill Clinton, and the Clintons seemed to accept the analogy.

Bad enough the Obama camp resorted to phony racism charges last time they were losing, the problem is Mau-Mauing was only likley to be effective in Democratic caucuses.
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Posted by Orrin Judd at August 5, 2008 7:00 AM

RE: My previous post (below)**

Within 24 hours of writing it here, Instapundit and Classical Values made the same point, and said McCain was "in Obama's OODA loop because of it, and now the Great Maha-Rush-i is on a radio tear on the very same issue.

Indeed, something is afoot. Thank God, the stakes are being pounded into this appalling travesty of "white guilt".

**I said it here in so many words before, but I'll re-phrase -- The ObaMessiah's campaign analysis that the vast majority of Americans will still cringe in fear like cheap cellophane on a stove whenever it is even being HINTED that they are racist, and thus cave to the accuser and plead their "diversity" credentials, may be seriously flawed.

This craveness I think WAS the case. But BO's having come as far as he has has ironically changed that. Not only have we (America) proven we are NOT racist by this candidacy, but all of a sudden, we know it, we've proven it, and so ya know what?? We ain't even gonna LISTEN to the putzes who hurl the accusation every day with their morning coffee. In a nutshell, all of a sudden we don't CARE if someone accuses us. We ain't, yap yap yap, take it to someone who gives a damn.

So as long as BO and Co continue to hurl the charge, even subtly, all they are going to do is piss more and more people off, as we no longer cower at the charge the way we used to.

This is a magnificent turn of events, one that I sincerely hope spreads to the rest of the West that so sorely needs to act on it, passionately.

Matter of fact...... thanks, Barack. I mean that.


Posted by: Andrew X at August 5, 2008 12:37 PM
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