April 18, 2008


Brown Urges Global Push To Solve Global Problems (KATIE ZEZIMA, 4/18/08, NY Times)

Making numerous references to the post-World War II era and to Kennedy’s push for internationalism, Mr. Brown said that the world needed “a new deal” much like the Marshall Plan, and that countries like the United States and Britain must work to stabilize volatile nations and prevent crimes against humanity and terrorism.

He praised President Bush for “leading the world” in the fight against terrorism, and reaffirmed his support for a unified response that includes freezing assets, tightening international law and imposing travel bans, which he said he and Mr. Bush discussed Thursday at the White House.

“He and I agree terrorism will ultimately be defeated only when it is isolated and abandoned,” the prime minister said. More must be done, however, to intervene in countries shaken by conflict and to stamp out atrocities, he said.

“Instability in one country will affect stability in all countries; an injustice anywhere is now a threat to justice everywhere,” Mr. Brown said. “And that is how we must respond: not walking away as we did in Rwanda at the cost of thousands of lives, but by engaging as hard-headed internationalists.”

...wants to isolate America.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 18, 2008 7:41 PM
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