April 10, 2008


Protests are only thing compelling about Olympics (Jason Whitlock, April 10, 2008, FOX Sports)

History might one day view these Games as extremely important, perhaps as significant as the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I came to this realization the other night after a long conversation and e-mail exchange with a friend much smarter than me.

We theorized — OK, she theorized and I agreed — that history might be repeating itself.

"There might be a parallel between China 2008 and Germany 1936. Germany at the time was in the process of this massive renovation of its infrastructure, national pride and military after the depression and defeat of World War I. Hitler was eager to have his newly refurbished country and Aryan splendor on display for the world. The human-rights violations were already under way. There is a fear that China, with its massive consumption and development and increasing national pride, is perhaps building its military in anticipation of world dominance. The Olympics for China is a chance to put all its shiny new toys on display. But now there are shouts that suggest the human-rights violations there expose a dangerous and opportunistic government."

But we also agreed that these suspicions are the exact reason the American media, athletes and president need to be in China for the Olympics.

If only Dietrich Bonhoeffer were here so we could ask him if we should be repeating the German '30s and '40's.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 10, 2008 3:25 PM
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