April 10, 2008


Ahmadinejad to dismiss 2 cabinet ministers in Iran (Nazila Fathi, April 10, 2008, NY Times)

The government spokesman, Gholamhossein Elham, said Wednesday that the president had decided this week to replace the two ministers, according to the reports.

Elham had dismissed rumors of a cabinet shuffle last week and called them an April Fool's joke. [...]

The new cabinet appointments require the approval of Parliament, and Ahmadinejad could face resistance from lawmakers. He came under attack by his opponents Thursday for the dismissals.

The newspaper Etemad Melli called the decision a "management catastrophe," in an editorial Thursday and wrote that the ministers could not make long-term plans because they feared they could be fired at any time.

A commentary in the daily Kargozaran said that the president should explain the reason for replacing his ministers. "People should know that Danesh Jaffari is being fired because of the skyrocketing inflation or because of his opposition to the president's economic policies," wrote Hossein Marashi, a reformist politician.

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