February 26, 2008


Muslim leaders write 'harmony' letter to Jews (Jonathan Petre, 26/02/2008, Daily Telegraph)

Signatories of the letter include Professor Akbar Ahmed, a former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Great Britain, who also signed a similar statement earlier this year from Muslim scholars to Christian leaders around the world.

The new letter said: "Deep-seated stereotypes and prejudices have resulted in a distancing of the communities and even a dehumanizing of the 'Other'. We urgently need to address this situation. We must strive towards turning ignorance into knowledge, intolerance into understanding, and pain into courage and sensitivity for the 'Other'."

It added: "There is more in common between our religions and peoples than is known to each of us. It is precisely due to the urgent need to address such political problems as well as acknowledge our shared values that the establishment of an inter-religious dialogue between Jews and Muslims in our time is extremely important.

As the Pope has explained, Muslim leaders have some considerable clean-up to do in their own house before good neighborliness is likely.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 26, 2008 6:47 AM
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