December 21, 2007


An Interview With Fred Thompson's Wife, Jeri Thompson (John Hawkins, 12/231/07, Right Wing News)

Now, the other candidates obviously planned their runs at the presidency out quite a long ago.

Since high school, probably.

Right. But, Fred entered the race after the grassroots pleaded for him to get in. So, tell us about the first time you and Fred had a serious discussion about him running for the presidency this year. When was it and can you tell us a little bit about it?

Well...I know one of the conversations we had, we were sitting around our kitchen table and we do have these two small children....So, looking at a three and a half year old at the top of the stairs, he said to me..."A lot goes through your mind from the time Hayden is at the top of those steps to the time she's at the bottom. I feel our country is at a crossroads and we need to do something." I agree.

Now, early on the campaign there were allegations that you were at the root of some staff shake-ups with your husband's campaign. Is that true?

No. Early on, back when he first started, when he had a contract with NBC and a contract with ABC, and we had the two small kids...we were doing the best we could to try to juggle the move from sort of a grassroots movement into a presidential campaign and...anything I did was at the request of Fred. Anything I did was certainly something that he wanted to be done. My job isn't any different than (that) of any other wife in any other strong marriage. That's to be a partner and to be supportive and to try to do what I need to do to help him get to where he needs to be.

So, what is your role with the campaign. What do you do on a day to day basis? Do you do anything that the campaign manager would normally do? Anything like that?

No. Well, media as people are interested, like you, in talking to me. I spoke to a radio station out of New Hampshire this morning. I spoke to a radio station in central Florida earlier today. I try to do what I make sure that he gets fed and goes to bed at a reasonable hour. that he needs it least.

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Smart lady.

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Really smart and has a pleasant way about her without sounding like a dumb bunny.

Check out this

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