November 27, 2007


Sell the Whole Farm for Santana (TIM MARCHMAN, November 27, 2007, NY Sun)

There has never been a pitcher quite like Johan Santana. You could call him a left-handed Pedro Martinez, but that would insult his uniqueness. Once thought too short to be a starter, the reticent Venezuelan hero has been the key to this decade's baseball renaissance in Minnesota, during which the Twins have made four trips to the playoffs and won approval for a new ballpark. With an explosive fastball, a notorious changeup, and total control of both, the peerlessly efficient Santana has dominated in the game's deepest division. He is the best pitcher in the sport as unquestionably as Martinez once was, and as Greg Maddux was before him.

After this coming season, Santana, 28, will be a free agent. While the Twins have reportedly offered a contract extension, it will likely take something near $150 million to keep Santana off the market, so there is a very real possibility that he will be traded. This has Yankees fans asking whether it would be worth giving up a young pitcher like Philip Hughes or even Joba Chamberlain as part of a package to land Santana. It's a silly question — if they can, they should.

It would be nice to keep Hughes, but if you can trade Charley Kerfeld's love-child, an outfielder who can't slug .400, and genetic 4th starter Ian Kennedy for Johan, how do you not do it?

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 27, 2007 9:05 AM

I'm a huge Johan fan and anyone who can should enter the sweepstakes.

A great and hilarious bit on a Philly writer who thinks Rollins deserved the MVP:

Heck, even Chipper deserved it more than Rollins.

What is it with people from Philly anyway?

Posted by: Benny at November 27, 2007 1:03 PM