August 27, 2007


Poles top of UK class: Polish students have been performing so well at UK universities that their recruitment services have begun to scout for candidates from Poland (Krysia Kolosowska, 8/27/07, Polskie Radio)

Over 2800 Poles have been admitted at UK universities by July, which is twice as many as last year, and recruitment has not ended yet. Polish youths discovered the possibilities of studies abroad that opened to them after Poland entered the European Union in 2004 and were fast to explore and appreciate them. Pawel Walczak from Warsaw got enrolled at the University of Hull and found studies there a rewarding time.

“I decided to study in the UK because it’s easier to find a graduate job there, because there are more such posts available to university graduates compared to Poland. Once I graduate from a UK university it will be easier to find a job in Poland as well. I received an offer to study in UK at my institution in Warsaw from UK university and I accepted it.”

Polish students have already earned much praise as highly motivated and hard working. The University of Wales has even employed one of their Polish graduates to recruit students from Poland. Hywel Davis of the university recruitment department explains.

“Yes, we have someone who is a graduate of us, who is doing work for us. It is a matter of raising awareness that we do have these opportunities for students from all over the world, and we want students who are well prepared, well motivated. Students (from Poland) we’ve had so far have met these expectations.”

Pawel Walczak is not surprised that UK universities are encouraging Poles to come over for studies.

“I am not surprised because good universities require good students and we are definitely good students.”

If Poland had been an island, we'd all speak Polish today.

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Does this mean that Poles are now telling British jokes?

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Yes, and they are probably involve Muslims.

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I recall that my Polish grandfather told Swede jokes.

On a more serious note, the advantafe Polish culture enjoys is its unself-conscious readiness to adapt. The Polish language resembles English in its willingness to make words of foreign origin its own.

We may point out that in contrast to its European neighbors, both on the West and on the East, the Polish volk has always been free of the taint of Boxerism, that is, xenophobic cultural reaction. Poland actively and enthusiastically reached out for Western Civilization in the 10th Century to the extent of making Classical Latin its state language and rooting out every vestige of its pre-Christian religion.

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This is a book blog too, so I point out "The Crosstime Engineer" for those looking for some fun SF about the Poles.

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