August 30, 2007


Terrorism Policies Split Democrats: Anger Mounts Within Party Over Inaction on Bush Tactics (Jonathan Weisman, August 30, 2007, Washington Post)

A growing clamor among rank-and-file Democrats to halt President Bush's most controversial tactics in the fight against terrorism has exposed deep divisions within the party, with many Democrats angry that they cannot defeat even a weakened president on issues that they believe should be front and center.

The Democrats' failure to rein in wiretapping without warrants, close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay or restore basic legal rights such as habeas corpus for terrorism suspects has opened the party's leaders to fierce criticism from some of their staunchest allies -- on Capitol Hill, among liberal bloggers and at interest groups.

Restore? Was a single German POW's petition for habeas corpus granted in WWII?

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 30, 2007 2:52 PM

I've read after WW2 all Soviet POW's repatriated were executed or sent to Siberia works camps. All German POW's that weren't executed or left to die in their tracks were sent to Siberian work camps, after working to clean up damaged cities, many for 10 years, before the survivors were repatriated and not much was said among the chattering classes, to my memory or knowledge.

My 2nd cousin was repatriated from a POW camp in Japan after 4 years in captivity, weighing 75 lbs. He was listed as MIA and then declared dead, before he was released. He was captured in the Philippines when the B-17 he crewed on was shot down. He survived the death march.

"If you just say you're standing up for civil liberties, the American people are with you, but if you say terrorism suspects should have civil liberties, it stretches Americans' tolerance," said Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.), who along with Hastings represents Congress on the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, a human rights monitor. "It's a tough issue for us."

You'd better believe it is! Elephants have long memories.

Posted by: Genecis at August 30, 2007 3:47 PM

Nothing is going to change. There is no way that the Democrats can chew the Israel arm off to get out on the Middle Eastern trap.

Given the impossibility of surrender, even they came to power, they would never dare to dismantle out security apparatus. To do so would be to risk being hit and then being rightly blamed for the loss.

Posted by: Lou Gots at August 30, 2007 4:23 PM

My best friend growing up was the daughter of German immigrants (they had tough time during the war) and I remember her mother telling us about a cousin who was in the German army and who escaped from Russia at the end of the war and walked all the way home to Germany all the while dodging capture.

It took him four years.

Posted by: erp at August 30, 2007 5:47 PM

Sometimes my commute on the freeway feels like that!

Posted by: KRS at August 30, 2007 6:12 PM

"Was a single German POW's petition for habeas corpus granted in WWII?"

What petitions? Could there possibly have been even a single lawyer in the US during WWII who would have dreamt of doing such a thing, or a judge who would have dreamt of even bothering to hear the case?

Posted by: b at August 30, 2007 6:22 PM


Luckily we came into the war AFTER the German invasion of Mother Russia, otherwise I suspect there would've been many many such petitions.

Posted by: Jim in Chicago at August 31, 2007 12:19 AM