August 23, 2007


New York Activists Say Giuliani Has Retreated on Gay Issues (Jose Antonio Vargas, 8/19/07, Washington Post)

Frustrated by what he regards as the shifting stance of Republican presidential candidate Rudolph W. Giuliani on gay rights, Ryan Davis logged on to MySpace, gathered a few of his friends and grabbed a video camera. Together, they created a minute-long YouTube video aimed at hurting the former New York mayor with social conservatives in early primary states.

"Gays for Giuliani," it's called.

"I couldn't think of a more ironic title," said Davis, a 25-year-old gay writer and director, sitting in his cramped Hell's Kitchen apartment, showing off what he calls his masterpiece. With the theme music of "The West Wing" in the background, the video shows gay New Yorkers saying things such as: "I would be hard-pressed to think of any conservative politician who embraces the gay community like Giuliani does."

Romney Struggles to Define Abortion Stance (Michael D. Shear, 8/23/07, Washington Post)
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said this week that as president he would allow individual states to keep abortion legal, two weeks after telling a national television audience that he supports a constitutional amendment to ban the procedure nationwide.

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