July 13, 2007


Born and raised in a North Korean gulag (Choe Sang-Hun, July 9, 2007, International Herald Tribune)

[Shin Dong Hyok], now 24, was a political prisoner by birth. From the day he was born in 1982 in Camp No. 14 in Kaechon until he escaped in 2005, Shin had known no other life. Guards beat children, tortured grandparents and, in cases like Shin's, executed family members. But Shin said it did not occur to him to hate the authorities. He assumed everyone lived this way.

He had never heard of Pyongyang, the capital city 90 kilometers, or 55 miles, to the south, or even of Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader.

Race To Save a Korean Christian (ARI LAMM, July 13, 2007, NY Sun)
Efforts to save the life of Son Jong Nam, a North Korean evangelist who faces a death sentence from the communist regime for practicing Christianity, will reach the State Department today, when Mr. Son's younger brother is scheduled to meet with administration officials and plead for their intervention.

The brother, Son Jong Hoon, met yesterday with members of Congress to request their help in freeing his sibling.

Son Jong Nam fled North Korea for China with his wife, daughter, and nephew in 1998 after his pregnant wife was severely beaten by North Korean government interrogators, resulting in a miscarriage. She would later die from her injuries.

Mr. Son was converted to Christianity by Chinese missionaries and returned to North Korea to evangelize — a criminal act under the regime of Kim Jong-il. In 2001, Mr. Son was arrested by Communist Chinese authorities and extradited to North Korea. He was released in 2004, but then arrested again in 2006 and sentenced to public execution by the Kim regime.

Although the charges against Mr. Son — illegal border crossing, meeting with enemies of the state, and disseminating anti-state literature — are vague, advocates for him said he is essentially being executed because he is a Christian.

Posted by Orrin Judd at July 13, 2007 11:47 AM

As I've posted before, China is the key here, not N. Korea. Kim is the rabid dog in their backyard, and they are merely using him to scare the West.

Just tell them the game is over.

1. Craft a trade bill stepping up tarrifs on all (and only) Chinese goods. Threaten to implement it if China doesn't get rid of Kim in 1 or 2 months.

2. Promise to keep any trade war penned up unless they don't comply.

3. When they whine about the refugee problems and other social pathologies brought on by this dangerous nut, tell them we'll assist with those once they get rid of Kim.

If this guy is the threat we all say he is, then why wouldn't one do this.

20% increases in the plastic gee-gaws we buy from Walmart shouldn't keep us from making the world a safer place.

Posted by: Bruno at July 15, 2007 2:39 PM