June 21, 2007


Nader ponders run, calls Clinton 'coward' (Roger Simon, June 21, 2007, Politico)

Ralph Nader says he is seriously considering running for president in 2008 because he foresees another Tweedledum-Tweedledee election that offers little real choice to voters.

"You know the two parties are still converging -- they don't even debate the military budget anymore," Nader said in a 30-minute interview. "I really think there needs to be more competition from outside the two parties." [...]

Nader would have little or no chance of winning the presidency should he run, but he doesn't need to win to affect the outcome: Many Democrats still blame Nader for draining enough votes away from Al Gore in Florida in 2000 to elect George W. Bush.

If Al Gore is even mildly serious about anything he's said lately, he owes it to the planet and the species to run under the Nader/Green banner.

Posted by Orrin Judd at June 21, 2007 7:16 AM

Those many Dems who blame Nader for costing Gore Fla should look to the fact that the man couldn't even carry his own home state. That's why he lost the election.

Posted by: Bartman at June 21, 2007 7:40 AM

But it's ever so much fun to point out to people who voted for Nader that they helped put Bush into office. Sure, it's probably not true but it's still fun to watch them freak out.

Posted by: Bryan at June 21, 2007 10:23 AM

The more the merrier. This next election could be fun.

Posted by: erp at June 21, 2007 11:21 AM

John Derbyshire is rooting for him.

Posted by: Mike Morley at June 21, 2007 11:32 AM

Here's what cracks me up about Nader & the Dems--he won

Posted by: b at June 21, 2007 11:51 AM

(con't from above)

Posted by: b at June 21, 2007 11:56 AM

OK, I give up, your comment software is swallowing my posts.

Posted by: b at June 21, 2007 11:57 AM
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