May 13, 2007


Feud turned deadly in N.H.: Passerby guns down police officer's killer (Michael Levenson and John M Guilfoil, May 13, 2007, Boston Globe)

New Hampshire authorities said yesterday that they will not press charges against a former Marine who stepped into a deadly shooting and killed a 24-year-old high school dropout who had moments earlier fatally shot a police officer.

The former Marine, Gregory W. Floyd, 49, was driving with his son along Route 116 in Franconia on Friday night when he saw Liko Kenney, 24, shoot Franconia Police Corporal Bruce McKay, 48, four times in the torso. After Kenney drove his Toyota Celica over McKay as the officer lay on the ground, Floyd grabbed the officer's service weapon and shot and killed Kenney. [...]

New Hampshire's attorney general, Kelly A. Ayotte, said Floyd will not face charges because he was justified in using deadly force.

"Based on the results of the investigation, our conclusion is that Gregory Floyd's actions were justified based upon dangerous circumstances confronted with and efforts to assist McKay," Ayotte said at a news conference in Concord.

Which is why Ms Ayotte is our next governor.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 13, 2007 7:52 AM

Read the linked story: this was one of the cleanest righteous shoots I have ever heard of. It was too clean. He who has ears to hear. . ..

Posted by: Lou Gots at May 13, 2007 10:42 AM

"Based on the results of the investigation"

She needed an investigation to figure this out? I hope that this "investigation" didn't last longer than 5 minutes. (Think of the actions of the doctor in "Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.") What other conclusions was this twit considering?

(And note that nationwide, "twit", seems to be a job requirement for Atty. General, and they're all guilty until proven innocent.)

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at May 13, 2007 11:19 AM

Considering how fast the results came out and the number of eyewitnesses, that was an investigation, Raoul. Just long enough to make sure there wern't any outliers to the story, move it up through the bureaucracy, and then announce.

Posted by: Mikey [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 13, 2007 1:01 PM

Notice , not once but twice in the story, Floyd 'killed' Kenney but Kenney only 'shot' and 'drove over' McKay.

Posted by: Chris B at May 13, 2007 1:55 PM

Am I the only one who got the impression that the Boston Globe reporter wasn't clear on who was the criminal and who was the hero in this story?

Posted by: Bob Hawkins at May 13, 2007 3:44 PM

Has no one suggested child endangerment chages against Mr. Floyd? How old is his son? Oh the poor child! How horrific for him! Where is our concern for the children? where is the outrage that this child was exposed to such violence and to the actions of his violent father? Oh me, Oh my!

Posted by: Dave W at May 14, 2007 6:45 AM

I'm surprised no one caught the other angle on this story. While Floyd certainly did the right thing in killing Kenney, it seems pretty clear that, at the very least, the officer was harrassing/stalking Kenney.

Along with my never-ending (but well-deserved) attacks on public ed., I continuously try ot warn my fellow Americans that our Government Sector - from President to Dog Catcher, is out of control, and on the verge of running amuck.

This isn't a "libertarian" rant, either. Whether it's HIPAA, (you no longer own your own health informmation), Property taxation (You can't petition for a reduction, but your school board can get a raise on the ballot in an instant), or a small town tough guy with a cop out after you, things are rapidly getting to the point where the citizen is an afterthought, and the "Business/Government Complex" is the only thing that matters.

Posted by: Bruno at May 14, 2007 7:00 AM

Bruno, very timely comment. Another casualty of our public school system is the informed citizen.

Our formerly laid back beachside town has been taken over by a coalition of a non-resident key city employees and our elected officials, unaware that they are in charge, take their marching orders from them. The voters aren't any better informed and just re-elected the three worst city commissioners to serve another two-year term each?

It's no stopping them now. The police chief answers to no-one. The latest outrage is two jack-booted motorcycle cops hiding behind palmettos giving speeding tickets to old grannies for going 37 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. I've gotten plenty of other speeding tickets, but I've never been intimidated before or been skeptical of the radar readings.

Not a nice feeling.

Posted by: erp at May 14, 2007 9:46 AM