May 26, 2007


Challenging Nancy (Robert Novak, 5/26/07, Real Clear Politics)

Nancy Pelosi staved off the biggest intraparty challenge during her brief tenure as speaker of the House Monday, standing her ground in support of two free-trade treaties during an uproarious meeting of the House Democratic Caucus behind closed doors.

Pelosi backed deals on Peru and Panama treaties negotiated by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel despite fierce protests by rank-and-file Democrats. The caucus was to consider Iraq, immigration and the trade treaties, but the debate over trade was so extended that it took up all the time.

Did they think there were no strings when the corporate donors lined up?

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 26, 2007 9:04 AM

Nancy Pelosi as House Leader is the best thing the GOP has going for it. And sad to see that without Nancy these minor trade deals would have been derailed.

Posted by: AWW at May 26, 2007 10:18 AM

Now, let's work on Columbia and South Korea.

Posted by: John Thacker at May 26, 2007 1:41 PM

So the unions are scared of the mighty economic power of Peru? Or are Democratic congresscritters reluctant to lose the billions in tariffs the US gets from trade with Panama? Or is it their terrible human rights records we read about all the time?

Posted by: PapayaSF at May 26, 2007 7:35 PM


Ultimately, the Dems probably want to have US labor unions empowered to recruit overseas (as part of these agreements). The negotiations are no longer about US jobs, wages, or even buttering our side of the bread - the crux is always labor laws on the other side.

The best thing that could happen now would be for Hyundai or Daewoo to announce that they will build factories in Michigan, subject to passage of the trade agreement. Would the Dems fight tens of thousands of new industrial jobs in Michigan? You bet.

Posted by: jim hamlen at May 27, 2007 12:28 AM