March 25, 2007


Group retracing war hero's past with scenic route (AP, Mar. 25, 2007)

Several groups hope to highlight historic and scenic areas in four New Hampshire towns by retracing some travels of Revolutionary War hero John Stark, author of the state motto "Live Free or Die."

Two regional planning commissions and the towns hope to establish a new General John Stark Scenic Byway along existing roads in Goffstown, New Boston, Weare and Dunbarton. It would pass more than 45 historic, cultural and scenic points.

The groups say they want to reflect the history of the communities through the Stark family.

Stark once lived in Dunbarton and married there. It's where he and Molly Stark had their firstborn son.

If approved, the towns will be eligible to seek federal money for information kiosks, parking lots, bike paths and marketing materials.

The byway would run along Route 13 from Goffstown west to New Boston, north along Routes 77 and 114 to Weare, east along Route 77 to Dunbarton, and south along Route 13 back to Goffstown.

"We want to reflect the history of those communities in terms of the Stark family and General John Stark, to tie them together into a scenic and cultural byway," said Jack Munn, senior planner at the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission, which submitted the application with the Central Regional Planning Commission and officials from each town.

Even better than "Live Free or Die" were his words before the Battle of Bennington: `My men, yonder are the Hessians. They were bought for seven pounds and ten pence a man. Are you worth more? Prove it. Tonight, the American flag floats from yonder hill, or Molly Stark sleeps a widow!'

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 25, 2007 6:54 AM

When will the Stark version of 300 be ready for release?

Posted by: Buttercup at March 25, 2007 10:46 AM

Live free or die and don't forget to suck up the ". . .federal money for information kiosks, parkings lots, bike paths, and marketing materials."

Posted by: Lou Gots at March 25, 2007 1:52 PM

Lou, well their stupid motto does say, live "free." Get it?

Posted by: erp at March 25, 2007 3:03 PM