January 2, 2007


Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds (ABBY GOODNOUGH, 1/02/06, NY Times)

When the same old irksome question popped up recently at one of his final public events here, Gov. Jeb Bush, addressing Spanish-speaking reporters, gave an atypically dramatic answer: “Yo no tengo futuro,” or “I have no future.”

His words set off round-the-world buzz, with The Daily Telegraph of London going so far as to call them “a recognition by the Bush family that their dynastic reign in American politics is drawing to a close.”

But in fact, the question lives on. Mr. Bush’s spokeswoman said last week that he made the comment jokingly, and when asked about it later in an e-mail message, Mr. Bush himself replied, “I was misunderstood by a reporter.”

He did not elaborate, leaving the world to know only this much: Half his life after he arrived in Miami as a 27-year-old real estate salesman, Governor Bush returns here this week without the title before his name and, he insists, without knowing what his future holds.

“We’re in the preface of the new book in my life and I just don’t know yet,” he told reporters last month in Tallahassee, a day after his official portrait, with a Bible and a BlackBerry in the background, was unveiled at the Governor’s Mansion. “I’m going to take some time off, hopefully do a little fishing, golfing, resting, reading, exercising. And I’ve got to make a living, so I’ll figure it out probably in January.”

His unique blend of executive experience, Third Way governance, appeal to evangelicals and Latinos, geographic base, and family/political ties makes him the most formidable politician in America going forward.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 2, 2007 8:16 AM

Such speculation would drive one of Jeb's most
persistent local detractors; Miami Herald former
crime reporter Sydney Freedberg (now at the St.
Pete Times)to distraction. He was an original
signatory to PNAC; the original neo-con black
list, memmber of the Madison Center (toolshed
for school choice and other nefarious ideas,
with long local ties to the contra network,
& Central America, generally(the eminent quagmire of the 1980s)I think he'll wait out to 2012, though

Posted by: narciso at January 2, 2007 10:37 AM

Understandable Spanglish mistake: the article "el" may have solved his problem or at least left open for interpretation what he probably actually meant:

"Yo no tengo el futuro" -- I don't have [as in hold in my hands or know] THE future.

Posted by: JR at January 2, 2007 11:57 AM