January 9, 2007


ROSIE BLOWS UP AT 'LIAR' BABS (Page Six, January 9, 2007, NY post)

THE tension between "The View" creator Barbara Walters and co-host Rosie O'Donnell, sparked by O'Donnell's feud with Donald Trump, boiled over yesterday morning when the portly comic called Walters "a [bleeping] liar."

The fight started around 8:30 a.m. when Walters, back from a two-week vacation, walked into the hair and makeup room at ABC studios and tried to hug O'Donnell, whom she hired onto the popular show.

According to spies, O'Donnell recoiled from Walters' touch and yelled, "You kept me in the newspapers this whole time!"

Both "View" producer Bill Geddie and Walters tried to calm O'Donnell. Walters told her, "I did everything I could to squash the story" - prompting Rosie to scream, "You didn't call me for 10 goddamn days, and you didn't tell me what you were going to say on television!"

O'Donnell is fuming because Trump went on Larry King two weeks ago - after she had called Trump a "snake-oil salesman" - and said Walters told him she regretted hiring O'Donnell. Trump also blasted the comic as "a horrible human being and a loser."

...Heinous Chicks Gone Wild. Add Jell-o and serve...

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 9, 2007 1:27 PM

Heinous Chicks Gone Wild

That has got to be a fetish thing.

Posted by: pchuck at January 9, 2007 1:40 PM

I'm sorry, I have to categorize this under "who gives a rat's a**."

Posted by: Bartman at January 9, 2007 3:01 PM

I must be getting old. I remember back when Newsweek featured Rosie O'Donnell alongside the Bananas in Pajamas in their cover story on a pop culture trend they called "the New Nice."

Posted by: Mike Morley at January 9, 2007 5:18 PM

Mike Morley:

Guess I'm getting old too -- I remember that. I thought it was "Queen of Nice." I think she's like those people you meet at work who seem nice until it counts for something.

Posted by: Matt Murphy at January 9, 2007 5:28 PM

Matt: You're right about the title of the article, but I'm very certain the Bananas in Pajamas were in there as well.

Hmmmmm. Bananas in Pajamas versus Donald Trump . . . now that would be something to see.

Posted by: Mike Morley at January 9, 2007 5:45 PM

I suspect Trump would look mean at her, and she would run away wailing. Of course, she could try to grab his comb-over, but he would probably deck her. After all, it's not like hitting a lady.

Posted by: ratbert at January 10, 2007 12:04 AM