December 1, 2006


: BAKER'S WORTHLESS IRAQ ADVICE (John Podhoretz, 12/01/06, NY Post)

As one of the study group's members told the Times yesterday, "We had to move the national debate from 'whether to stay the course' to 'how do we start down the path out'."

This is the consensus view of the Iraq Study Group, which is very proud that it reached consensus.

Its members also reached a consensus view that Depends is a really fine brand of adult diaper, and that they love reruns of "Murder, She Wrote."

You perhaps note that I am writing with extreme disrespect toward the Iraq Study Group. That's because its report is a scandal and an embarrassment; it's flatly immoral to seek to make or guide policy in this fashion.

Look, if its members believe the war is lost, they should say so. They should bite the bullet and advocate a pullout of American forces sooner rather than later.

If its members could not actually achieve consensus on that point - if, in other words, some of its members still believe the war can be won while others believe there's no way to achieve victory - then it was simple vanity on the part of the Gang of 10 that led to the creation of a "consensus" document that split the difference.

There's no way to split the difference, unless you're hurrying off to have your mug immortalized by Annie Leibovitz and want to bang down the gavel so you can get plenty of time to get hair and makeup done.

America and its allies are either going to win this war or we're going to lose. We will either conclude our military actions in Iraq with terrorists and insurgents dead or fled and an imposition of civil order in the country by its elected government, or we will turn tail and leave the place in chaos and ruins.

Unfortunately, the neocons have taken imperialism to heart while never taking the liberation of oppressed peoples seriously. If you're forced to withdraw from a colony or a nation you're trying to occupy it is indeed a defeat. If a people you've liberated says they can take care of things themselves and you can go now, it's a victory. All the Commission is reportedly going to recommend is the things that the Iraqis are already doing irrespective of America, which is all we should be doing.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 1, 2006 8:23 AM

Yet another failed legacy from FDR. We left troops all over Europe and Japan after WWII. Since most everyone belives we won WWII, pulling the troops out looks like defeat now. The Left's long war to destroy civilization has many strange fruits.

Posted by: Robert Mitchell Jr. at December 1, 2006 12:00 PM