November 23, 2006


Latin Americans Wonder If Democrats Are Traders: Anxiety High Over Stance of Incoming Congress (Sibylla Brodzinsky and Peter S. Goodman, 11/23/06, Washington Post)

Here in Colombia and next door in Peru, which awaits congressional approval for its own trade treaty, anxiety runs high.

"We watch the news and we're nervous about what might happen with what we send to the United States," said Janeth Palacio Ramirez, 35, who supports her 15-year-old daughter and her elderly parents by punching zipper stops onto 7,000 pairs of jeans a day, earning about $200 a month. "Everything we make here goes there, so if there are problems with exports, we'll all lose our jobs."

As Democrats prepare to reshape U.S. trade policy, the impact is being felt far from the Carolina mill towns and rust-belt factories that are a perennial focus of domestic concern.

Addressing fears that too many jobs are being sacrificed at home, the new Democratic leadership wants to slow the worldwide effort, which the United States has led since 1947, to lower import tariffs that hinder trade.

Other than a $13 trillion GDP and increasing global liberalization, what has fifty years of American leadership on free trade done for us?

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 23, 2006 10:34 AM

"fears that too many jobs are being sacrificed at home" Talk about irrational fears and paranoia. I think the Dems should spend some time with their psychiatrists. They demonize Bush so much that they ignore reality and believe in what they said. We have less than 5% unemployment, and millions of illegals working every day, and they fear too many jobs are being sacrificed. If we have kept all those exported jobs, then we'll have to import more labor. Those who still can't find jobs in this economy either are too lazy, too unrealistic about their own worths, or their skills are just out dated. Let's make some more buggy whips.

Talking heads like Lou Dobb constantly ranted about our high tech jobs being exported to India. You know what: a computer science senior who will graduate with a bachelor degree in 2007 is going to make $78,000 a year in San Francisco, $50-60,000 in Chicago.

Posted by: ic at November 23, 2006 3:00 PM