October 17, 2006


Human species 'may split in two' (BBC, 10/17/06)

Humanity may split into two sub-species in 100,000 years' time as predicted by HG Wells, an expert has said.

Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics expects a genetic upper class and a dim-witted underclass to emerge.

The human race would peak in the year 3000, he said - before a decline due to dependence on technology.

People would become choosier about their sexual partners, causing humanity to divide into sub-species, he added.

The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative and a far cry from the "underclass" humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures. [...]

The logical outcome would be two sub-species, "gracile" and "robust" humans similar to the Eloi and Morlocks foretold by HG Wells in his 1895 novel The Time Machine.

Anyone care to wager on which species he thinks his descendants will be?

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 17, 2006 8:54 PM

You think he has kids?

Posted by: Mike Beversluis at October 17, 2006 9:14 PM

Prove it!

Posted by: Jayson at October 17, 2006 9:19 PM

"tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative" He forgot "white".

Posted by: ic at October 17, 2006 9:44 PM

People would become choosier about their sexual partners.....

Of course they would. Dim witted,squat,ugly, but hotter than anything on two legs.

Posted by: Tom Wall at October 17, 2006 10:05 PM

Personally, I believe the ubermensch of the future will be about 6 feet tall, slightly overweight at about 210 lbs give or take 10 lbs depending upon the amount of beer said creature has consumed in the past week, fair-haired and clean-shaven.

The untermensch? Taller, heavier-set, bearded, with an enormous head and profusions of back-hair. Said creature will undoubtedly embrace the veil, and hate soccer and the novels of Saul Bellow.

Posted by: Jim in Chicago at October 17, 2006 10:17 PM

"The human race would peak in the year 3000, he said - before a decline due to dependence on technology."
Since homo-whatever has been dependent on technology for at least the last 250,000 years, I might have expected the decline to have begun by now, yet to the contrary we appear to have prospered instead. The good doctor reveals his anti-technological bias.

Posted by: jd watson at October 17, 2006 11:28 PM

Hard to believe one of these doofuses hasn't seen 2001.

Posted by: oj at October 17, 2006 11:33 PM

the "underclass" humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.

Sounds like the faculty lounge at any given state university, or a weekday afternoon in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.

(Lou, Tampa Bay, and now that team? How could you?)

Said creature will...

You forget a hatred of cars and Interstate highways.

Posted by: Raoul Ortega at October 17, 2006 11:53 PM

Meanwhile, the Morlocks are having the Eloi for dinner.

Posted by: Joseph Hertzlinger at October 18, 2006 1:57 AM

It's a cute story, but I still like the Planet of the Apes saga better. It's more realistic.

Posted by: Bryan at October 18, 2006 7:46 AM

The Sun has the best report on this goofiness: "All men will have big willies".

You would expect that of the Sun, wouldn't you? Anyway, they have a photo of the good doc. He's not ugly and squat, but I've seen better looking people:


Posted by: Casey Abell at October 18, 2006 3:17 PM

Dilbert predicted this years ago: The technically adept species will be called secretaries and the dim-witted trolls will be called managers. Actually, aren't we already there?

Posted by: David Rothman at October 18, 2006 3:52 PM

This reminds me of an old "New Yorker" cartoon. Sign on the path to the beach pointed one way for "tall, bronzed people" and the other way for "others" pre-dating the TV program by thirty or so years.

Posted by: erp at October 18, 2006 8:36 PM