September 1, 2006


Cornyn urges more immigration (PATRICK McGEE, 9/01/06, DFW STAR-TELEGRAM)

The United States needs to admit far more highly skilled immigrants to stay competitive economically, according to experts at a hearing hosted by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn.

Letting in more qualified immigrants will help the country combat huge personnel shortages in high tech, engineering, nursing and other fields, said Cornyn, R-Texas, and the five witnesses who testified before him Thursday at the University of Texas at Dallas.

"By all accounts, our immigration laws and policy place our country at a competitive disadvantage," Cornyn said. "We stand in danger of moving backwards because other countries are beginning to compete with us in our own game."

Why this immigrant rights march is brought to you by Miller (Oscar Avila, September 1, 2006, Chicago Tribune)
Marchers had to duck into fast-food restaurants for water when they first took to Chicago's streets in support of illegal immigrants five months ago. At the next two marches, family-owned grocery stores offered free bottled water from trucks emblazoned with their names.

This time, as demonstrators march from Chinatown to House Speaker Dennis Hastert's (R-Ill.) Batavia office this weekend, they will have Miller Brewing Co., as a sponsor. The brewer has paid more than $30,000 for a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads publicizing the event.

The support of a major corporation for a controversial political cause shows how fierce the competition has become to woo the growing market of Latino consumers.

For Miller, the march offered a special chance to catch up.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 1, 2006 6:05 PM

Two interesting stories, but the illegal immigrants streaming into this part of Texas and clogging up hospital emergency rooms so big builders like Perry Homes can have cheap labor aren't those highly skilled workers that Sen. Cornyn is describing.

Posted by: kevin whited at September 2, 2006 5:12 PM

That cheap labor makes the homes affordable, teaches the immigrants a trade which allows them to get a better job, the builder invests his profits in more projects, and so the nation thrives.

Posted by: erp at September 2, 2006 6:54 PM